Racism and Corruption In Missoula, Montana goes unpunished a white city officials strong arm whistleblowers

Missoula, Montana is one of many cities that claims to be Liberal . But, the predominantly white City Council, county, officials, city and county workers have a Police Department that threatens and strong arms anyone who tries to expose city of Missoula racism, bigotry and corruption in the Missoula Busiling Insopectors office and other city , county offices

Since coming to Montana from Texas via NYC. I have been shocked by the open racism, bigotry and corruption in Cities such a Missoula, Montana. A city where corrupt city officials and racist businesses use the City Of Missoula Police Department to threaten and strongarm whistle bloweres who expose corruption on the Missoula Montana Building Inspectors office,
Corruption and racism at the Missoula Health Department.

Missoula, Montana is a city where Homeless people are often beaten abd sometimes killed by white hate groups who go unpunished and univestigated.

In the state of Montana racism is covered up through intimidation against the people who dare expose the mainstream white racism and open corruption that exists in many aspects of the white, Missoula , Montana cultures

Many come to Montana to escape diversity and live in a elitist , racist, white culture where they know they will be protecteed by both white racist Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives. All who share a strong need to live in a segregated society.

I am amazed by the suttle and not so suttle racist remarks and anti hispanic, sexist, anti gay remarks i hear from so called liberals and conservatives in Bozeman and Missoula Montana.

On Wednesday Nights in Missoula, Montana, young white kids fill the Top Hat and Bodega bar for all you can drink beer for $5.00 from 9pm-2am

Needless to say this leads to violence, racism, bigotry, drug use, sexual abuse and most likely drunk driving

one has to be in Montana only a short time to see how racist, bigoted the state is and how the democrats in power are in the pockets of racist white rich business owners who line their democrat war chests.

we have a governor who cares more for his dog than his minority constituents

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