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Continúa contaminación en Vieques

Puerto Rico, 04.10.2015 23:05

Denuncian continuación de contaminación y estudios superficiales e incompletos en Vieques

NCM islas seis

Puerto Rico, 04.10.2015 23:05

Tormenta, Solidaridad y Crisis en el Noreste del Caribe

Marina continúa contaminación en Vieques

Puerto Rico, 04.10.2015 23:05

Gobierno autorizará quema en antigua zona de tiro en Vieques

NCM islas cinco

Puerto Rico, 04.10.2015 23:05

Wall Street prepara nueva ofensiva contra Puerto Rico

Mov. Ñin Negrón Septiembre

Puerto Rico, 04.10.2015 23:05

El Boletín: Plan de Ajuste Fiscal o cómo pasar al pueblo por la piedra

NCM islas siete

Puerto Rico, 04.10.2015 23:05

Maniobras controversiales ante la Crisis

Al Tanto

Puerto Rico, 04.10.2015 23:05

Boletín: El Yunque y todas las luchas

Boston Local and National Verizon Standoff and the Future of Labor, Communication and Privacy

Boston, 04.10.2015 22:53

Join The 2015 Maine Walk For Peace-In The Desperate Search For Peace

Boston, 04.10.2015 22:53

Join Maine Veterans For Peace, Code Pink, Boston Smedley Butler Brigade, VFP and many others sponsoring organizations for a walk from October 9 to October 24 Along Route One in Maine protesting the militarization of the seas.

Build gardens not prisons

United Kingdom, 04.10.2015 22:51

The campaign against a new mega-prison being built near Wrexham got a boost recently when the Reclaim the Fields network held an action camp nearby.

The Reclaim the Fields International Action Camp, attended by 100-150 people, ran from 28th August to the 2nd September 2015 and was hosted by a local anti-fracking site. Workshops explored the links between land struggles, prison abolition and other issues including gender, animal liberation and freedom of movement.

People held evening noise demos at three prisons in the region in solidarity with those inside, leafletted the local town, and picketed several companies involved in the mega-prison. Finally a blockade of the construction site held up lorries for over 4 hours without any arrests.

As anyone with experience of them knows, prisons are abusive places used to control and threaten people, particularly those of us who are working class, people of colour, or disobedient. We need justice processes based on strong, vibrant communities, not more prisons and cops harming our communities.

The new prison would be the biggest in the UK, and the second biggest in Europe. It aims to open in 2017 and would give the State enough cages to lock up an extra 2100 people.

Meanwhile, Robert King of the Angola 3 will give a talk on struggle and revolution in the US prison system, on Wed 16 Sep in Dundee.

Community Action on Prison Expansion | Reclaim the Fields UK | Gardens not Cages | Frack Free Wrexham | Borras Community Protection Camp

The Shortwave Report 9/4/15 Listen Globally!

Portland, 04.10.2015 22:50

A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. The latest Shortwave Report (September 4) is up at the website in 3 forms.

This week's show features stories:

From JAPAN- The restarted Sendai nuclear power plant has been raised to full capacity as testing continues. In a new report he IAEA says a major factor in the Fukushima disaster was a widespread belief that nuclear power plants are safe. Japanese Self-Defense forces are engaged with US military in war games along the coast of California. China held a parade commemorating the end of WWII but the US, Canada, Britain, and Japan refused to attend.
From CHINA- Reports on the Chinese victory parade, including the reduction in Chinese military forces. 120,000 people demonstrated in Tokyo against the new Security bill which would allow Japanese military to be an offensive force. The Chinese government is calling for better treatment of vagrants and beggars.
From RUSSIA- In light of the escalating migrant crisis, UK PM Cameron has called for peace in Syria. What is the difference between a refugee and a migrant\\\?
From GERMANY- German Chancellor Merkel says the flow of migrants is testing the EU core ideals. Turkish police detained 2 British journalists and raided media houses. The 3 year jail sentences for al-Jazeera journalists in Egypt have been condemned. There were major riots in Kiev after the Ukrainian Parliament voted to give some autonomy to the pro-Russian eastern regions.
From CUBA- Argentina received a favorable ruling in the case of vulture funds in a US court. Tensions between Colombia and Venezuela continue, and former Brazilian President Lula deSilva announced he will run in the next election. Police brutally repressed anti-corruption demonstrators in Honduras, while police in Turkey beat down citizens protesting the war on the Kurdish political party. The US military has deployed more drones in eastern Europe. Saudi bombing raids continue to kill scores of Yemeni civilians.
From SPAIN- On September 27 Catalonia will have elections which may result in a move to become independent of Spain. The federal government is attempting to amend the constitution to make any such move a punishable crime


Portland, 04.10.2015 22:50

A Christian denomination founded on the right to own slaves steals property from a historically African-American church in North Portland; then sells it to a predominantly Caucasian church in Gresham for a $200,000 profit. All while leaving the founding pastor's elderly wife penniless.

Why are we hearing about this almost a decade later from an outfit in New Jersey and not our local press\?
PORTLAND, OREGON — There are ways to sell a church property legally, procedures dictated by state law and church bylaws. Typically, they require a formal vote by the congregation. [...]



Portland, 04.10.2015 22:50

The following is my poetic description of the reality of homelessness.

.Wicked renters of capitalism!
.Raising rents, increasing mortgage rates
.Forcing families, elders, women and children in the cold on the street in tents!
.Working 9-5, surviving 24/7, feverishly, fiercely, tiressly, endlessly!
.Carrying houses on our backs. Sidewalks beneath our feet is how we sleep. Sidewalks our shelter!

Video: 8 .11 .15 Race Talks - Racism and Health

Portland, 04.10.2015 22:50

August Race Talks program consisted of a film screening of one portion of a seven-part documentary series exploring racial and socioeconomic inequalities in health and a presentation by guest speaker Leslie Gregory. This is a free monthly event at Kennedy School on the 2nd Tuesday evening of every month.
A screening and discussion of Unnatural Causes ... "is inequality making us sick\?" [1.hour 14.minute video]

This August Race Talks presentation was by guest speaker Leslie Gregory. Leslie is a Physician Assistant and Executive Director of Right to Health. This race talks program consisted of a film screening of one portion of a seven-part documentary series exploring racial and socioeconomic inequalities in health.

Previous Race Talks events are recorded and archived on this youtube channel:

Oct 2nd: Go to Seattle. Storm UW.

Portland, 04.10.2015 22:50

What: March on University of Washington
When: October 2nd, 2pm
Where: Red Square, UW Campus

On April 25, the grassroots animal liberation movement came together for a March on UW of 500 people. People from Seattle and across the country, people who are new to the movement and people who are movement veterans, people who answered the call to show the University of Washington that there is mass public opposition to the plans to build a new underground animal lab.

On October 2, the grassroots animal liberation movement must come together once again for a second March on UW. This second march must take the passion and energy of the first march and push it further. At the first march, we rallied under the chant of "If you build it, we will come!" We have shown that we will come to office protests, we will come to home demonstrations, we will come to the site of the lab and shut it down. And so now the chant that we rally under is "We will stop this lab!"

Be there on October 2. Show the University of Washington and Skanska USA that mass public opposition means opposition that they can't stop. Show them that we will not sit by and watch as they dig an underground grave for animals, but that we will take over the streets and we will stop the lab.

Vancouver Peace and Justice fair.

Portland, 04.10.2015 22:50

The Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair at Esther Short Park will showcase the hard work and creative spirit of individuals, social justice groups, peace organizations, faith communities, performers, artists, businesses, and environmental activists who are making the world a better place.
If you're around , or might wish with some thought that you might like to be around, and a little bit of time, or all day, Vancouver for Peace gathers together people in Esther Short Park tomorrow, 9 AM through 4 PM. It's a great venue for such a thing, and a little something for almost everyone, including the kids.

There's no admission.

Just over the I-5 bridge, located at W. 8th & Columbia in Vancouver, and adjacent to the Farmers' Market.

Save the Wild Bison! - Sept. 25 in Eugene

Portland, 04.10.2015 22:50

Buffalo Field Campaign Roadshow at Old Nick's

BFC's Campaign Coordinator Mike Mease is on the road to Washington, Oregon and California to share music, stories, video and activism inspired by the Yellowstone bison. He's joined by musicians Goodshield and Mignon Geli. Donations accepted at the door.

Old Nick's is at 211 Washington in Eugene.

Check out for more information about the campaign.

300 BIG Douglas Fir Trees mey get clearcut in Jennings Lodge for 72 home Development!!!

Portland, 04.10.2015 22:50

OCT, 01 Thursday
Public Land Use Hearing.

At 9:30am at the Clackamas County Development Services Building Auditorium. located at: 150 Beavercreek Rd Oregon City 97045

This is the big one- the public hearing regarding the proposal from Lennar to change the zoning from R-10 to R-8. Lennar has stated that if they don't get the zone change, they will not purchase the property. Let's pack that place and show the county and the hearings officer that we DO NOT want this!

Lennar Corp wants to build a 72 home development on the site of an Old historic Church Campgrounds in the heart of Jennings Lodge, Oregon. This would require the cutting of at least 326 BIG Douglas fir trees [...]

(Facebook page)

VIDEO: Homeless Camp on Greeley 9.28.15 - Interviews and tour of Hazelnut Grove

Portland, 04.10.2015 22:50

Hazelnut Grove Houseless Camp on Greeley Street.

On Monday morning around 8:00 AM I stopped by the camp on Greeley Bike path. I met w/ FTP Bob and we looked around the camp, we were shown around by two of the homeless activists who have been living there for the past couple months. [video 31 min]

We interviewed Vahid Brownwho went into downtown that morning, he was discussing this camp and the threats of sweeps with the mayor, he gives his report to Bob and I in the video you can hear it around 17:40.

On UCSC Move-In Day, Activists Greet Students with Message: Free Speech For Palestine

Santa Cruz, CA, 04.10.2015 22:49

On September 17, the first move-in day for Fall quarter at UC Santa Cruz, students and community members at the main entrance of campus displayed signs opposing Senate Concurrent Resolution 35 (SCR 35), which was introduced this year in the California Senate. On its surface SCR 35 is legislation that addresses anti-Semitism on the University of California campuses, but critics caution the measure has the potential to limit the free speech activities of those seeking justice for Palestine.

Mission Carmel Vandalized Days After Pope Francis Canonizes Junipero Serra

Santa Cruz, CA, 04.10.2015 22:49

Despite widespread objections, Junipero Serra was canonized on September 23 at the National Shrine in Washington DC by Pope Francis during his US visit. On September 27, as a parish celebration of the sainthood of Junipero Serra was scheduled to take place at the Carmel Mission Basilica, a statue of Serra was toppled over and paint was smeared on two grave sites, as well as on signs with the name of Serra, and on the doors of the mission. One mission artifact was inscribed with the statement, "Saint of Genocide".

Sin justicia

Argentina, 04.09.2015 22:52

A un año del femicidio de Melina Romero

Sin justicia

Argentina, 03.09.2015 22:51

A un año del femicidio de Melina Romero


Argentina, 02.09.2015 22:51

Batallón 601: en lugar de un espacio por la memoria, ¿abrirá un banco?


Argentina, 02.09.2015 22:51

La Justicia falló: Facundo sigue desaparecido


Argentina, 01.09.2015 22:51

Batallón 601: en lugar de un espacio por la memoria, ¿abrirá un banco?

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