Stanislav Markelov ve Anastasia Baburova Moskova da basin toplantisi sonrasi sokak ortasinda vurularak öldürüldüler.

Stanislav Markelov ve Anastasia Baburova Moskova da basin toplantisi sonrasi sokak ortasinda vurularak öldürüldüler.

Türkish- Türkce :

Stanislav Markelov ve Anastasia Baburova Moskova da basin toplantisi sonrasi sokak ortasinda vurularak öldürüldüler.

Stanislav Markelov ve Anastasia Baburova basin toplantisinda , bir Rus komutaninin ( Juriy Budanov ) Cecenistanda yaptigi katliamlar ve insan haklarini ihlalinden dolayi mahkemeye cikarildiktan sonra bundan 4 gün önce ( 15.01.2009 ) serbest birakilmasi ile ilgili idi. Juriy Budanov Cecenistandaki katliamlardan dolayi 10 yila mahkum olmustu. Sok bir karar ile 15.01.2009 da serbest birakildi.

Stanislav Markelov hakkinda :

Cecenistandan gelmemesine ragmen bir Rus olarak her zaman Cecenistanda ki olaylarla ilgilendi. Kendisi Antifasist kimligi ayni zamanda insan haklari savunucusu bir Avukat olarak taniniyordu. Avukat olmasindan dolayi Cecen ailelerinin davalarina giriyordu ve bu ailelerin durumlari ile ilgileniyordu. Rusyada ki irkci-Fasist –Nazi saldirilarinda duruma dikkat cekiyordu. Ve Bir cok Antifasist davalari üstleniyordu.

Sadece 2008 yilinda Rusya genelinde yaklasik 100 yakin göcmen ve mütcei irkci saldirilar sonucu hayatlarini yitirdiler. Markelov bu konuda calisiyor ve Rus devletinin Antifasistlere karsi baskilarina karsi calisiyordu.

Anarsist –Otonom ve Antifasistler arasinda iyi taninan Stanislav Markelov 34 yasinda idi.

Anastasia Baburova hakkinda :

Anastasia Baburova Novaya Gazeta ( Yeni Gazete ) serbest gazeteci olarak yaziyordu. Ayrica cevreci ve Anarsist hareketlerde yer aliyordu. Bu konuda yazilar yazarken Antifasis hareket ve Rusyada ki gelisen irkci Fasist- Nazi gelismelerine dikkat ceken yazilar yaziyordu. Anastasia Baburova 24 yasinda idi.

Ingilizce- English :


Anastasia "Skat" Baburova, 30.11.1983-19.01.2009

Our friend and comrade Skat was murdered today in Moscow, shot to head by an assassin.

Assassin was not after her - he was after advocate Stanislav Markelov, another good friend and comrade. We do not know who was there to kill Stas - it could be associates of some war criminals he put to prison, it could be connected to some corporate crimes, it could be Nazis, many of whom Stas put to prison as well. List of achievements of Stas is so long, that it will take a couple of days to gather all of them to a necrology - and list of his enemies is even longer. But we know for sure, that Nastya had a bad luck of being in a wrong place in wrong time. Assassin shot her to head as well, either to eliminate a witness, or in order to escape - some witnesses have stated that Nastya attempted to arrest assassin. Stas died in place, Nastya died in hospital few hours afterwards.

Nastya was a graduate of journalist faculty of Moscow State University. She worked a while in "Izvestiya", but left and worked as a freelancer.
During last few months she wrote to critical paper "Novaya Gazeta", mostly about far right.

Nastya was an anarchist and was involved in numerous activist projects. She was involved in anti-repression issues, such as solidarity actions in Moscow for repressed French activists Ivan and Bruno, and later last year in solidarity work for Tarnac 9. Last year she was actively involved in attempts to defense a dormitory in Yasniy Passage, inhabited by refugees from conflict regions of Caucasus, against violent takeover of the premises by UFSIN (Administration of Federal Service for Execution of Punishment, that is Russian federal prison administration). Nastya was arrested in that action. Nastya also joined protest camp of Rainbow Keepers last summer in Sasovo of Ryazan region, and campaign against police brutality in spring of 2008. She also traveled to European social forum in Malmö in September 2008. She was co-organising alternative media section in Russian conference Anticapitalism-2008. Nastya also helped in work with latest issue #30 of Avtonom-journal. She joined Autonomous Action a day before she got murdered. Inside the movement, Nastya got well along with everyone.

Nastya was into physical sports such as jumping with a parachute and she was also well trained in martial arts. She never went around unarmed, but her knife was not a match against a gun.

Nastya was a positive person of exceptional spirit. She will be missed by parents, friends and comrades from all around Russia and Ukraine. She was from Sevastopol, and is likely to be buried there.

She had a blog in

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Stanislav Markelov

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