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Anarchist Websites And Forums Under Attack

The FBI has recently sent two subpoenas to the website administrator of the webserver. Recently there have been rumours circulating in anarchist circles the flag's webmaster had been contacted by the FBI, he has released this press release to notify the wider activist community on what has been going on. The Flag server hosts many of anarchism's most widely viewed websites and the removal of this sever would be a major blow to anarchist organising worldwide.

He has been ordered on two separate occasions to submit IP information of people using certain subdomains hosted on the flag server one of which was the popular Infoshop News. These relate to people claiming responsibility for "propaganda by the deed". The moderator believes at least one of these cases are by people trying to make the flag server "vulnerable to government intrusion".

The FBI in recent years, has gone after a number of radical/revolutionary left wing websites, most notably are the shutting down of the raise the fist website and subsequent jailing of it's webmaster Sherman Austin and also targeting many websites on the Indymedia network.

FBI investigation info: on | on milwaukee imc | Audio Press Release

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Why after all this time...

Professor X 01.Apr.2005 16:28

Why after all this time are we still logging IP addresses. To the best of my knowledge none of the IMC’s (at least the major ones) are logging IP’s. We must learn from past practices of the FBI, Secret Service and the Department of Justice that they have and will subpoena servers for their logs.

Beyond this there should be no cooperation with the FBI, SS, DOJ or any other type of law enforcement. I understand that Dave from the Flag who received the subpoena has a wife, child and a home to think about but we as an anarchist community must be ready and willing to support our comrades when state comes. We should be there right beside Dave with whatever financial backing necessary to make sure that his family is fine no matter what the outcome. This will hopefully be the last lesson that we as a community needs to realize DON’T KEEP IP LOGS.

I understand that Dave has made his decision and no matter what we think about it we all must stand behind him now and be ready to take on the state no matter what their next move may be.
Siempre en la lucha!

Isn't there a solution to this problem?

Ikariotis 01.Apr.2005 16:33

Isn't there anything that we can do to hide ourselves from the American gestapo? Can we host the sites in other countries or something? There has to be a way to prevent the American gestapo from threatening and coercing people who simply post their views. Someone who sympathizes with violent actions doesn't mean they will carry them out ever. Although I am a pacifist, I can understand why some people would view violence as an acceptable path to change (it has worked in the past). They should be allowed to say what they want online

Υπάρχει τίποτα που μπορούμε να κάνουμε για να κρυφτούμε από το αμερικανικό Gestapo; Μπορούμε να έχουμε τις ιστοσελίδες μας σε άλλες περιοχές ή σε άλλες χώρες; Πρέπει να υπάρξει ένας τρόπος να αποτραπεί το αμερικανικό Gestapo από τους αριστερούς απειλώντας και εξαναγκάζοντας ανθρώπους που τοποθετούν απλά τις απόψεις τους. Κάποιος που συμμερίζεται τις βίαιες ενέργειες δεν σημαίνει ότι θα τους κάνουν στην πράξη. Αν και είμαι ένας ειρηνόφιλος, μπορώ να καταλάβω γιατί μερικοί άνθρωποι θα έβλεπαν τη βία ως αποδεκτή πορεία για να αλλάξουν το στάτος κβό (έχει λειτουργήσει στο παρελθόν). .


dave at flag 01.Apr.2005 16:45

for the hundredth time, i don't keep http logs.

go read the discussion on flag's forums, i've said most of all i can or want to say there.

No Logs = No Problems

Professor X 01.Apr.2005 17:28

I reaqd one of Chuck0's entries and he said that IP's are kept for posts oon the sites and then deleted. I think he said that the reason behind this is to track trolls on the site. I don't see why this is necessary since IMC doesn't seem to do this.
The link to the forums that Dave was talking about in the above post is

we support you, dave

blackbeard 01.Apr.2005 22:05

i support your decision 100% dave. to me, anyone who criticizes you for making this very tough call is ultimately playing into the fbi's game of dividing our movement. i think they know good and well what sort of spot this puts you in. in fact this whole thing could have easily been orchestrated from the highest levels. LOOK... one should know good and well that whatever you post on a website can be tracked by the FBI. should i choose to post something sensitive, i would consider it my personal responsibility to ensure it could not be traced back to me. sorry, but ultimately the security of this server is more important than the security of a couple of dumb asses. if they get busted, we will of course support them however we can, but it will never be dave's fault. so again, I SUPPORT YOUR DECISION DAVE. stay strong. solidarity,bb


Red 02.Apr.2005 01:48

I'm just trying to think back to what kind of stupid shit i mighta said on infoshop.... nothing i don't think. whats with claiming responsobility for "propaganda by deed", did the person say "i am responsible" for some particular action, does anyone know the answer to this?


Professor X 02.Apr.2005 07:13

Blackbeard wrote, “Security of this server is more important than the security of a couple of dumb asses” Well to Blackbeard I would say that turning over those IP addresses could mean those “dumb asses” are going to jail. Nothing should be just handed over to the feds without a fight. New servers can be bought and if the people they are requesting the IP addresses of people who may have done something serious its not worth compromising them. Dave from Flag says that he doesn’t keep logs. Well if he doesn’t keep logs then there isn’t anything to turn over to the FBI. However Dave has said he is going to hand over the IP addresses so he is logging some even if he is deleting them right away.

I want to say that whatever Dave from the Flag does will have the support of the community but I think it would be a bad decision to comply with this and I think that any attorney would try to fight this.

To Red

YudA 02.Apr.2005 09:26

I don't think Dave can give specific details to what the feds were after, but he has promised to disclose more information when he is able to

Pardon Persistent pAlliteration, Perhaps Previous Poster Is A Poop

marco 02.Apr.2005 13:22

Pardon Persistent pAlliteration, (the "p" is silent)
Perhaps Previous Poster Is A Poop

(not you, YudA :)

Some of the previous posts need to be quickly looked
over and then ignored.

1) Why after all this time..._________ by Professor X

2) No Logs = No Problems _________ by Professor X

3) Well... _________ Professor X

This alias is currently used by one who often
nicknames his self "proffr" and a few other derivations,
including professor rat over at ireland imc

Both sites no real loss ______________ by professor rat

He lives in Australia and likely works directly for General Waranto.

The worst thing he's done over and over is plant death threats
inside open publishing forums such as Ohio Valley IMC, Montreal
IMC, Seattle IMC, and a few others.

Most times the FBI, Secret Service and Treasury Department are
too dumb to go right to his house and jail him. Instead they
subpoena the particular IMC or open forum and just generally
make things absolutely miserable for the people keeping the
open forums going.

ARE they too stupid? Or working directly in concert with "proffr"
and/or General Waranto?

I'll leave that for you to decide.

For now I suggest you ignore most of what this troll says, beyond
looking it over and going "oh, aha."

Anyone wanna put odds on whether you'll smell "profr" all over
the subpoenas after the gag order is lifted
and Dave can talk?

Marco is Wrong...

Professor X 02.Apr.2005 16:51

Marco, I will just say you are wrong. I am not who you say I am. Perhaps someone out there uses this handle also or something similar but the posts you are accusing me of are not mine. I don’t publish on any IMC’s outside of the US and can mainly be found on Rochester IMC. I love how on these posts and discussion forums everyone is pointing fingers he’s a Fed she’s a Fed. Simply put get a fucking life. I support Dave but I have some serious questions. Which no one wants to discuss but instead say that I’m someone that I’m not.

I hope you're right, but I'm afraid not.

marco 02.Apr.2005 21:58

Professor X,
I hope you're right.
Because "professor rat" has also
posted at twincities IMC that he
wants goth kids to kill police officers.

I'm sure you know all about his footprint
around the net, since he's using derivations
of your own nickname.

You might also want to read Brian Glick's book
"The War At Home," so you'll have a better
understanding why so many people are almost
fully certain you are either law enforcement
or a provocateur.

You'll also want to reread my last comment
because you will see that I did NOT call you
a fed. I suggested you might be working for
General Waranto. A minor difference, I know,
but important enough. Because I didn't call
you a fed, you did.

You might want to work on clearing your name
a little better, eh?


Previously posted at au anarchist board

Professor rat is not professor x 03.Apr.2005 03:23

Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2005 5:27 pm Post subject: Infoshop-flagblackened debacle Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post
For the record I want to deny having anything to do with the incidents that sparked the recent FBI raid on the webmaster there. I may be under suspicion as I have placed incediary comments around the web that have recieved LEO attention. The thing is that I stopped doing that at Chucks ages ago . His house - his rules. So for the last year or so I have gone there regularly only for about 20 minutes and tried to stick closely to mod guidelines. I did not post in the forums for over two years I think, a long time anyway and a very few comments about books I think.I Did not lurk in them either for well over a year. I don't do lurking ...except on DHS sites:)

I trust the US anarchs will bounce back and we may even look forward to better distributed security as we keep 'losing every battle ' and ' winning every war.' The FBI are less some fearsome bunch of hitech hitmen but more like just a pack of dozy bumbling criminal imbeciles. They can stick my IP where the sun don't shine. We Will Win.
Hasta Luego los Solidarios.

Marco will you please stop spreading the foul lies of the Cato shill, Declan McCullagh, the raving nut job and liar 1, James A Donald and the raving nut job and liar Ned Rossiter 2 about me please?

Thank you.

I can answer any civil questions via webmail at pro2@nospam optusnet

' marco' fyi

Professor rat 03.Apr.2005 05:04

You are using three people to slander me ...

1) Declan Mc Cullagh...ask Seth Finklestein about him. ( but don't forget, I called him a CATO shill first! )

2) James A Donald...ask Dan Clore about him or see for yrself here...

3) Ned mean this Ned Rossiter?

:fibreculture:: Who is Professor Rat?
::fibreculture:: Who is Professor Rat? Ned Rossiter n.rossiter at Fri
Oct 15 04:52:05 EST 2004. Previous message: ::fibreculture:: Fibreculture ... fibreculture/2004-October/004146.html - 4k - Cached - Similar pages

A well known nut case and liar and ID thief.

I don't mind you quoting anything I did write as I stand by my words. I do NOT stand behind the lies of the three stooges.

Neither should you Shemp.


marco 03.Apr.2005 15:32

I did not slander you.
(Or libel for that matter.)

If as you claim, this person out
there is impersonating you, then
that's "who done it."


anonymous 03.Apr.2005 15:56

rise up all ye pirates of the digital sea! it's time to unsheath our sabers and wreak hell upon the fucking fascists from washington....and since they are fascists we have no option except to atttack their comrades the corporations so burn their bridges and storm the gates! the pirates of silica heaven are here to subjugate

looking over writing style

marco 04.Apr.2005 03:06

Judging by writing style, professor x and professor rat
seem to be two different people. But you just can't tell.
Can you?

Oh well.

Just so you know.

Activist Times Zine will remain hosted at


Professor X 04.Apr.2005 04:22

Aw Marco is that some sort of an apology? Is it that writing styles are different or you have found out that we share mutual friends? Well for the record I know that some of the things I have said on here have been critical and with how stressed people have been on this issue it probably wasn’t the time or place. And in all seriousness anything I said wasn’t supposed to be assholeish.
Hugs and Kisses