World Social Forum 2006 opens in Bamako, Mali


BAMAKO, MALI, 19 JANUARY 2006 - The World Social Forum is an alternative to the World Economic Forum, a yearly meeting of business and political elites in Davos, Switzerland. Believing that "Another World is Possible", the World Social Forum is a space for exchanging information and experiences of fighting neo-liberalism. The past decade has seen a wide range of popular resistance in Africa. The Forum will offer an opportunity for dialogue and reflection on those fights and the alternatives they offer in the global project to build a better world based on solidarity and common struggle, not competition and war.

This year's World Social Forum is being held simultaneously in Bamako (Mali), Caracas (Venezuela), and Karachi (Pakistan). The Bamako World Social Forum opens today, the 19th of January 2006. Approximately 30,000 activists from across the region and the world are expected to attend. This is the first World Social Forum to be held in Africa.

Themes of the Bamako WSF include:

  • Militarisation and War
  • Outcomes of the Hong Kong WTO meeting
  • UN reform
  • Migration
and many more.

In order to cover the happenings at the WSF, Indymedia and other media activists have set up an Independent Media Centre as part of the Thomas Sankara Youth Camp. Coverage in English will be carried on IMC South Africa and in French on IMC Marseilles. Photos and audio from the Youth Camp are also available.

Activists wanting to assist the Bamako IMC can read updates on the imc-africa mailing list or join the channel #africa on Stories that need translation (especially between French and English) will be posted on the Indymedia Translation Tool, so if you can translate, look there.

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bamzin 20.Jan.2006 21:07

Just to notice that, Polycentric WSF 2006 Karachi (Pakistan) has been delayed. It will take place in March 2006, due to the natural catastrophe that hit Pakistan not so long ago..

Alternative Social Forum in Caracas/ Foro Social Alternativo en Caracas

tipping point 21.Jan.2006 17:50

People should be aware that there is an Alternative Social Forum happening simultaneously with the WSF in Caracas, and there should be coverage of that as well...


en espanol:
La gente deben saber que hay un Foro Social Alternativo en el mismo tiempo como el WSF en Caracas. Creo que el IMC necesita informer sobre eso, tambien...

mira aqui:

Interview Fabian Frenzel, media activist at Indymedia

Phil 22.Jan.2006 22:17

Listen to an interview of Fabian Frenzel, indymedia activist, on radio befo.

Première participation, premières impressions

Andre KAngni AFANOU 24.Jan.2006 15:06

Impressions du début:

Forum Social Mondial Polycentrique de Bamako:


Grand évènement de portée mondiale, le Forum regroupe des participants de nombreux pays venus d'Europe , d'Afrique et des Amérique.
C'est la toute première fois que j'ai l'opportunité de prendre part à une telle rencontre.
je dois dire que c'est véritablement une découverte pour moi dans la mesure où par le passé, j'ai été beaucoup habitué plutôt aux grand Sommet de type "Collque international sur ...." dans des hôtel de grande classe.
Ici à Bamako, ce sont véritablement les peuples qui vont à la découverte d'autres peuples, les peuples qui se préoccupent des problèmes les uns les autres...
Nous faisons des échanges sur des thématiques aussi différentes les uns que les autres: la dette, les politiques agricoles, l'influence des politiques néo-libérales, la Francafrique, les problèmes de migrations, les inégalités nord-sud, ce sont là autnat de questions autours desquelles nous échangeons depuis jeudi.


bamakrisis 24.Jan.2006 17:22

someone there have somehting to coment to this?:

"Geekcorps, an NGO which works with Internet stuff and open publishing in Bamako, funded by USAID."

no profit-activist sponsored by the USAID? what?

USAID is totally sketchy