Non-violent protests in Palestine have become testing ground for experimental weapons

Every Friday for the past two years, the people in a number of Palestinian villages have engaged in weekly non-violent protests against the Israeli Wall being built on their land. The Israeli military response has always been disproportionate, but in recent weeks has taken on a frightening new aspect: each week, the protesters gather at the site of Wall construction chanting slogans and holding Palestinian flags, wondering what new experimental 'non-lethal' weaponry or brutal new tactic will be tried on them this week.

From a strange blue dye that has been shot at protesters the last three weeks, to a type of rubber-coated bullets that produce electric shocks, it appears that Israel considers these non-violent Palestinian, Israeli and international protesters to be its guinea pigs....and no one in the 'international community' has acted to stop them. The U.S. government, instead of pressuring the Israelis to stop attacking U.S. citizens with experimental weapons, has instead responded with a directive for U.S. citizens to stay out of Palestinian areas - aware of what is happening, they simply choose not to act.

Israel, for its part, has banned internationals from entering the West Bank and Gaza, and has, in the last three months, implemented a policy of denial of entry of nearly all foreign nationals into Palestine - a territory made up of two separate, Israeli-occupied sections whose borders are controlled by Israel. See: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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Petition to Block Bolton's Re-nomination as U.N. Ambassador!

zita 08.Sep.2006 19:51

Please sign and forward widely!!!

Background: Who is John Bolton?

john bolton profile:

A UN Basher as UN Ambassador
John Bolton's Baggage

John Bolton's Dual Loyalties
Israel's Man at the UN

proposal to start food not bombs jerusalem-bethlehem

aristocratic anarchist 08.Sep.2006 23:53

stop the concubine collecting out of saudi arabia and maybe the palesinians will free themselves of the persecutions they are thrust into by the house of saud using and abusing them as scare tactics. why isnt the arab community bringing food to alleviate the starvations and frustrations? why is it the only thing i see prince al awheed doing is self promoting his luxury collections in u.s. magazines making plays on our women. where is the arab community to compassionately reelieve the consolidated accumulations that sacriligisly demand money for water and food that grows freely in nature. the only thing saud family members are doing is purchasing tourisst hotels to sex harass and predatorize american women . may the palestinians turn against those financing self destruction as a favor to prop the real terrorist of the world( saud family)as being the bogus peacemaker. family of saud as in the name of --saudi arabia is a self appointed immorality that will never be acceptable to the answers to evolve and progress and live in peace. stop saudi arabia from financing jordan and syria to funnel money to hizbollah.stop building apartments that subject children to the unneeded repressive conditions of the city ,denying qualitative sleep ,noise pollution, drive through of vehicles of all times of the night.time for some building materials to build a non impact society put people to work . the land palestine has must be liveable . stop blaming the israelies. focus on getting water and food.where are your saudi friends with the water> they already predatorize your daughter as payment for, turn against saud. stop prince al ahweed

Strange blue dye

Real 718 09.Sep.2006 00:13

The dye is the brain child of Maj. Gen. Yitzak ben Yisrael. It's a dye copatible with far infrared imaging devices, his contribution was the addition of Adipose Tissue (pork lipids). Basically soluable bacon fat. The blue color chosen because of it's simbolic relationship with the israeli flag. No dought they are aware the substance would be analized and it's content made aware to the Moslem protestors inparticular. It's all part of the contemtuous attitude in the current goverment in power that make viable dialogue between the parties untennable. The US goverment was offered a similar product by a company in San Diego but fortunatly declined the offer. It's not a new approch, british soldier's were rumored to have bathed their bullets in pork fat during their campain in Afganistan.
Such policies only play into the hands of Muslem extreemist's and that is exactly what israel want's.

re: real

dye 12.Sep.2006 00:31

true bout the b lue dye. some sor of dispersive stuff and smells like acid. (vinegar). pretty bad, it disperses durin' night.
new air conditioning perhaps?
(was rather filthy there n here coz of the recent warfare...)

this stuff about sutffin' bullets in pork fat is pretty stupid however. sticky bullets are no good and what would be more stupid is if there would actualy be pork's or any fat inside them, coz of the powder. you kno' gun powder and fat...
you mighta s well save powder and put coffee there or milk dunno bullet capuccino ?
blue dye however true, if id had the better camera would make a shot.
however it's climate change. been seen/used before. harmeless, bit burny to the lungs yet hey. better than chokin' on that old coal heavens, right? (and its during night so no one actualy... gets to... you kno' notice it xcept from the night' ''persons''.
post war cleaning filth strategy. enviromental, pure. chemical yeah combined with lectromagnetic. nuclear-chem.bombs, In short.
the ether however is not AS CLEAN AS YOU WOULD WANTED IT. It's.. too plasic, n shit, you kno. radio, tv ether.. after the nuke... it's... bad.
tho anyway. I got Balkan sindrom so might be wrong.


If you find this interesting(horrifying)...

v 15.Sep.2006 04:43

I cannot recomend too highly Jon Ronson's book and documentary The Men Who Stare at Goats. The US has been into crazy stuff like this since the 70's, and there are "experts" who use a combination of twisted new age philosophy with crazy technology to help the government terrorize the people. Some of their experimental techniques were used in the Waco assault, and of course are being used in the present conflicts. 96CQ2KKOLP
Check it out.

re: v

monkey 15.Sep.2006 09:04


Preassume we are all pretty much familiar with this. Blue dye however *(not to divert from the main article topic) goes under bio-tech discussions.
Any chemicals which do not , as a result , provoke deaths may be considered as a military auxiliary tool in acomplishing goals. Like dispersing painkillers through air by with aircrafts. It's true that it has been developing in both Soviet Union and US+Europe and used everywhere (thats-> every single spot on the planet pretty much).
Not defending or speaking in favor of a blue dye, only stating it is not lethal. Developing immunity however, is nearly never ones *individual* concern since a few would understand chemistry and own a chemical lab to such degree to actualy vacine themselves against or to something.
There's just 2 ways left. First is to get a face mask and evacuate yourself from the sector and second one is to get the chemicals in you and focus on your mind, see what is to happen next. As long it's not lethal however goes together with radio length (radioactive electro-magnetic) persuasion of civilians.
Military staff by default gets pre-vacined when about to get to work inside the war zones. Check out immunity however, never is so passive that it would work simply by absorbing chemicals, the way you process them inside your organism is to a fair degree dependant on your understanding of , yes, organism in general and the way chemicals *(or just about anything) 'travels' through your blood and connects, communicates to tissue/organs. Making you think.act.behave in a certain way together with affecting your physical abilities.
In closure, as observed from here, it is happening monthly (at least) not to mention food and beverages combined with radio-length frequencies. Veggie orientation tends not to help (to avoid) due to a soil pollution, however, soon enough you get to pick up certain things from the shop shelves, selecting them, to be more precise and simply shaping yourself inside the bio-chemical categorization of the civilian structure inside the society. WTO and WHO pretty much understand this , and so does the people who one day decided to ... Nevertheless, more ozone should be primary , as well as purifying soil and water in order to avoid corporative food and water (drinks) 'poisioning' ie chemical persuasion.

il celebre discoso di Domenico Schietti alla gioventù palestinese

nonviolenza attiva è l'arma più cattiva 18.Sep.2006 08:37

il celebre discoso di Domenico Schietti in cui per l'ennesima volta invitava i giovani palestinesi ad imbracciare la nonviolenza e l'arma mediatica.

in italiano:

in english:

re: blue dye and other 'tricks'

monkey 19.Sep.2006 11:31

look outside the window
look outside the window

look out
look out

look outside
look outside

Hi. Only to mention 'they've' started with sonic bombs again. It's 1pm here you get to hear a squadron of airplanes flying above. Makes you nervous, makes your stomach hurt, etc. [Live in Gaza still] -> trust me Gaza not quite as reported , though there are some similarities. You may not approach Gaza so easily neither on foot (a pied) -> followin the map especialy, nor in your mind.
However, yes, sonic bombs kicked in again.
1 bloody pm. I get to hear army-jets flyin round while windin out my bed sheets and pillows. No need to mention whom to thank for all this media chaos and makin people blocked from both reaching Gaza or understanding Gaza as such.
Thata why I got angry this summer listening to all the misinforming and 'crap' combined on Lebanese topics.
Hard ta live here. Cant think of anyone actually in a possession of a computer + skilled nuff to used it being anti-Israel orientation. That would pretty much explain the scars on me.
Thank you.


make peace

zita 20.Sep.2006 01:02

A Date With a Dangerous Mind

EXCLUSIVE: Face to face with Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the man whose swaggeris stirring fears of warwith the U.S.,8816,1535827,00.html

TIME: You recently invited President Bush to a televised debate. If he were sitting where I am sitting, what would you say, man to man?

AHMADINEJAD: The issues which are of interest to us are the international issues and how to manage them. I gave some recommendations to President Bush in my personal letter, and I hope that he will take note of them. I would ask him, Are rationalism, spirituality and humanitarianism and logic--are they bad things for human beings? Why more conflict? Why should we go for hostilities? Why should we develop weapons of mass destruction? Everybody can love one another.


TIME: Why do your supporters chant "Death to America"?

AHMADINEJAD: When they chanted that slogan, it means they hate aggression, and they hate bullying tactics, and they hate violations of the rights of nations and discrimination. I recommended to President Bush that he can change his behavior, then everything will change.

TIME: How do you think the American people feel when they hear Iranians shouting "Death to America" and the President of Iran does not criticize this?

AHMADINEJAD: The nations do not have any problems. What is the role of the American people in what is happening in the world? The people of the United States are also seeking peace, love, friendship and justice.

TIME: But if Americans shouted "Death to Iran," Iranians would feel insulted.

AHMADINEJAD: If the government of Iran acted in such a way, then [the American people] have this right.

TIME: Are America and Iran fated to be in conflict?

AHMADINEJAD: No, this is not fate. And this can come to an end. I have said we can run the world through logic. We are living our own lives. The U.S. government should not interfere in our affairs. They should live their own lives. They should serve the interests of the U.S. people. They should not interfere in our affairs. Then there would be no problems with that.

TIME: Does Iran have the right to nuclear weapons?

AHMADINEJAD: We are opposed to nuclear weapons. We think it has been developed just to kill human beings. It is not in the service of human beings. For that reason, last year in my address to the U.N. General Assembly, I suggested that a committee should be set up in order to disarm all the countries that possess nuclear weapons.

TIME: But you were attacked with weapons of mass destruction by Iraq. You say the U.S. threatens you, and you are surrounded by countries that have nuclear weapons.

AHMADINEJAD: Today nuclear weapons are a blunt instrument. We don't have any problems with Pakistan or India. Actually they are friends of Iran, and throughout history they have been friends. The Zionist regime is not capable of using nuclear weapons. Problems cannot be solved through bombs. Bombs are of little use today. We need logic.


TIME: You have been quoted as saying Israel should be wiped off the map. Was that merely rhetoric, or do you mean it?

AHMADINEJAD: People in the world are free to think the way they wish. We do not insist they should change their views. Our position toward the Palestinian question is clear: we say that a nation has been displaced from its own land. Palestinian people are killed in their own lands, by those who are not original inhabitants, and they have come from far areas of the world and have occupied those homes. Our suggestion is that the 5 million Palestinian refugees come back to their homes, and then the entire people on those lands hold a referendum and choose their own system of government. This is a democratic and popular way. Do you have any other suggestions?

TIME: Do you believe the Jewish people have a right to their own state?

AHMADINEJAD: We do not oppose it. In any country in which the people are ready to vote for the Jews to come to power, it is up to them. In our country, the Jews are living and they are represented in our Parliament. But Zionists are different from Jews.

TIME: Have you considered that Iranian Jews are hurt by your comments denying that 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust?

AHMADINEJAD: As to the Holocaust, I just raised a few questions. And I didn't receive any answers to my questions. I said that during World War II, around 60 million were killed. All were human beings and had their own dignities. Why only 6 million? And if it had happened, then it is a historical event. Then why do they not allow independent research?

TIME: But massive research has been done.

AHMADINEJAD: They put in prison those who try to do research. About historical events everybody should be free to conduct research. Let's assume that it has taken place. Where did it take place? So what is the fault of the Palestinian people? These questions are quite clear. We are waiting for answers.

Copyright © 2006 Time Inc. All rights reserved.

re: copy pastemo

monkey 21.Sep.2006 15:36

Dear, you copy pasted the same thing on 9/11 anniversary article comments , so thanx again for being a bastard god I s....

Two Enemies and Their Witnesses

Richard Kobzey 14.Dec.2006 05:26

Why won’t George W. Bush meet for open dialogue with Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

With 9/11 came “national security” arguments for censorship, spying and torture. The US Administration virtually plays god when it comes to which ideologies will be broadcast and made clear and which will be cast to the flames.

If the same audience that hears Bush could hear him, the terrorist would have no purpose in resorting to destruction. The whole point of terrorism is to send a message that is not being received or transmitted through media, because their enemy oppressors/suppressors determine what can be broadcast.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad invited George W. Bush to join him in public dialogue, but the Whitehouse simply dismissed it as a distraction. I do not recall Bush himself making any comments.

One enemy says that the other cannot be appeased, but declines to engage in open dialogue with him, while the other has not had his fair share of the American microphone.

All of this could make us believe that free speech aids “the enemy” even though it actually limits or even imprisons him by revealing all venues in which he might exclusively appear. For starters, the real enemy will be the one doing the suppressing or refusing to attend an open appeal.

I must be among many who would love to see and hear Bush talk with Ahmadinejad, but we all know that Bush is not brave enough for such a face off in the court of public broadcast.

Public debate between international leaders is like jingling the “keys to the kingdom”, and the arrival of Judgment Day. How daring of Mr. Ahmadinejad…

Update today, December 14, 2006:

Ahmadinejad attended an anti-Holocaust convention, sharing with David Duke the claim that the underlying issue was freedom of speech. A case in point, people become aggressive when they are denied equal airtime, especially when their suppressors paint an ugly image of them.

Let’s get the real images out in the open. No more hiding. Let’s talk, talk, talk and then TALK! How long will the state take the Fifth in order not to incriminate itself - as long as the entailing miseries prevail?

What on this earth is the "Devil" that keeps humankind divided, dialogue or evasion?