Asia: IMF/World Bank meeting

Singapore Bans NGO Delegates attending IMF/World Bank Meeting


Protest against IMF/World Bank
Protest against IMF/World Bank

Singapore has banned 20 NGO delegates, and some NGO organisations from attending the IMF/World Bank meeting during the week of September 14-20, despite these people having formal invitations from the IMF/World Bank. The Singapore Government has announced a hardline policy against outdoor protests during the meeting of the IMF and World Bank, as Space for Dissent Narrows on Eve of Bank/IMF Meet

Target: WTO | Focus on the Global South | Melbourne IMC Anti-corporate features

"Civil society groups worldwide have reacted angrily to the Singaporean government’s ban on up to 20 delegates who plan to attend Bank/Fund annual meetings there next week." said a statement from Friends of the Earth International.

NGOs have also condemned Singapore for applying pressure on the administration of neighbouring Batam, Indonesia, where a major civil society conference will be held. Following an international outcry, Indonesian officials confirmed the conference in Batam can go ahead.

"Singapore is showing its dark side. One that does not respect civil rights, one that treats people like children," said Walden Bello, executive director of the Focus on the Global South, and one of the individuals banned by Singapore from attending along with his organisation.

Call for Global Actions Against IMF/World Bank | Activists to mount global protests versus IMF-WB

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imc shipping out of kuala lumpur

aristocratic anarchist 13.Sep.2006 08:26

if any of the ngo and activist contingent need a protest , kuala lumpur is where the china trade loyalist residd. does any one know of the ship called the SELENDANG AYU? they were found in violation of the innocent passage law and havent been properly disciplined yet. if someone could dispatch a peaceful visit with a demand of 414,000 gallons of fuel to reimburse us fishing companies it would improve the chances of u.s. flagged ships surviving financial crisis cause in great part from imc shipping's negligence. look up the address at www. imc it is in the jalan district of something like that . tell them they are in violation and give them an invoice for fuel reimbursement. and while your their ,in the same building is the conglomerate GENTING BERHAD.they own norwegian cruise lines through a subsidiary known as they are not nice people . at present, they are destroying the hawaii island chain with sterilize sewage pluming into the coral reefs and in the south east of alaska ,the deoxygenated sewage is destroying the salmon eggs in their annual runs to the rivers to spawn. this is a result of negotiations during wto 99 the battle of seattle continues with your support .free mama earth from industrial regurgitation causing present starvation. you can reach me at

re: write more

monkey 27.Sep.2006 18:08

Would you be so kind and write more about this?
Getting into details (detailed geographical info with names (cities, locations in general or closely specified, people [preferably]) would be much appreciated.
The ship you mentioned as you are familiar with is one of many 'capture' ships, to speak so. There are actualy ships, being held outside ports for several years (case I know), crew members only being assured with basic essentials to survive (water, food).
Please more specific on 'IMC ship'? What is an IMC ship?
Have I got you wrong?


re: lost webspace

monkey 30.Sep.2006 21:21

someone elses website
someone elses website

Lostmy our webspace. site.