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11th September 2001, Five Years On


Five years after 9/11, a large number of protests, screenings, concerts and meetings were held across the US [ New York: 1 | 2 ; SF Bay Area: 1 | 2 ; Los Angeles: 1 | 2 ] to demand the truth about the events of September 11th 2001, the subsequent "War on Terror" and the imperial invasion of key countries in the oil-rich Middle East. In the UK over 100 truth protestors gathered outside the US Embasy in London to oppose the official conspiracy theory [ photos: 1 | 2 ].

The attacks of September 11th 2001 have been used, on both sides of the Atlantic, to justify a spectrum of attacks on civil liberties and illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The 9/11 Truth Movement fears that, until the lies are exposed, the attack will continue to be used to justify perpetual war and further attacks on dissent and freedom. Post-9/11, steps down the road to a police state in the UK have included terror raids, shoot to kill, detention without trial, torture training, profiling, rendition and a host of other Orwellian "Big Brother" proposals like ID cards.

The 9/11 Truth Movement has received varied responses from Indymedia, ranging from feature articles condemning conspiracy theorists (NYC) to dedicated 9/11 topics and feature articles asking why the network is ignoring the call for a 9.11 investigation (Portland). In the months following the attack UK-IMC carried many articles questioning the official story and analysing what the attacks would mean for the anti-capitalist left (for example: 9/11: A Desperate Provocation By U.S. Capitalism), but in the years following the attack an ad-hoc policy of hiding all articles questioning 9/11 was adopted. This has now changed: the 9/11 Truth Movement is gradually gaining recognition as a legitimate, albeit still controversial, part of the broad global justice movement.

There has been no shortage of media coverage of the events of September 11th 2001. These events have been used to justify an unending war by the United States against whomever it chooses in a new illegal manner: pre-emptive war. 9/11 also heralded in a new wave of repressive legislation both in the US and UK. Much of this new law contradicts both the US Constitution and basic human rights. These events have been used to illegally incarcerate 600 people in Guantanamo Bay for years in appalling conditions.

While all of these things have been given detailed analysis in the mainstream media, the actual 9/11 events themselves have received only partial coverage. Only news stories that support the Bush Administration's version of what happened that day have been accepted into the mainstream. That is, that the attacks were planned and executed solely by those part of Osama bin Laden's terrorist network. Yet outside the mainstream media, there exists another view of what happened that day. This view says the Bush administration itself was involved the attacks in some way. Some believe that the administration simply let the attacks happen whilst others maintain that involvement was not merely passive but that US officials masterminded the whole event.

What is more, these alternative views are held not just by a tiny fringe of conspiracy theorists. An opinion poll in August 2004 revealed that over 40% of New Yorkers believed that some US leaders had prior knowledge of 9/11 and "consciously failed to act". Another poll found that 63% of Canadians agreed. A July 2003 poll found that 20% of Germans believed that "the US Government ordered the attacks itself." A Zogby Poll in 2006 found that 42% of people in the US believe that there has been a 9/11 cover up. A 2004 Observer article, based on a poll by ICM, states that, "A majority of the British population now thinks the US government knew in advance about the 9/11 plot to attack the World Trade Centre yet did nothing to stop it, on the basis that it would give America an excuse to wage war on Afghanistan and Iraq. Some 52 per cent believed there was 'a lot' or 'some' truth in this claim, while 39 per cent said there was none at all."

There is a lot of evidence for alternative hypotheses that come from a broad spectrum of academics, scientists, people of faith and independent observers, both in the US and elsewhere. This has often been presented in meticulously researched books with copious cross-references to sources of information. Information has also been disseminated through a number of video documentaries. In the US, a whole movement has been created concerning 9/11 and the idea of a cover up, typically referred to as the "9/11 Truth Movement." This movement has organised protests, teach-ins, mass leafletting campaigns and conferences, and generally tried to encourage more people to re-examine the events of one of the most significant events in recent US history. In the UK, a similar - although so far, much smaller - group has taken root, the British 9/11 Truth Campaign. Within Indymedia, Sheffield IMC hosted a series of film shows about 9/11 and the oil industry, the "Summer of Truth".

After at first refusing any inquiry into what must be the biggest crime on American soil, the Bush administration finally caved into public pressure and launched the 9/11 Commission - claiming to be an "independent, impartial, thorough and non-partisan" inquiry into the event. However the Commission's Executive Director was Philip Zelikow, a man who was not just a Republican but someone who had had close ties with the Bush Whitehouse team for more than a decade. Zelikow picked "the areas of investigation, the briefing materials, the topics for hearings, the witnesses and the lines of questions for witnesses". The family steering committee for the 9/11 Commission repeatedly called for his removal without success. The Commission's report was released in July 2004, supporting the official version of events. The evidence conflicting with the official version of events was so thoroughly ignored by this inquiry that one author wrote a whole book on it. The 911 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions by David Ray Griffin was published just four months later.

Apart from the media blackout on alternative theories to what happened on September 11th, there is perhaps an even bigger barrier to getting the truth out (and it must be remembered that the US government version is still currently just a theory). That is, people's personal prejudices. For so many people the US is simply the good guy in the world and it is totally inconceivable that US officials had any involvement with the tragic events of that day. Whatever your views are about the "9/11 Truth Movement," it is a rapidly growing part of the broad global justice movement that is producing a plethora of media to support its arguments.


There are literally dozens of independent films that have been made about 9/11. The following is just a small selection.

  • 9/11: Press for Truth The story of six families of 9/11 victims and their struggle to discover the truth, incorporating Paul Thompson's definitive 9/11 Timeline. This is probably the best introductory film about 9/11 so far. Report/review of 9/11 Press for Truth (Google Video)
  • Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime exposes the criminalisation of the US government and the links between the Republican party, drug running, the intelligence agencies and the 9/11 hijackers. (Google Video)
  • 9/11 Revisited Where explosives used to bring down the buildings? September 11th Revisited concentrates on the collapse of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers and includes news reports from the day and interviews with experts including Steven E Jones, David Ray Griffin and Jeff King. (Google Video)
  • What's The Truth How Indeed Did The Twin Towers Collapse? This film provides evidence that the Twin Towers were brought down by controlled demolition. (Google Video)
  • 911 Open Your Eyes Filmed at the 9-11 International Inquiry held in Toronto in May 2004 this is a powerfull and moving hour long edit compiled from the 45 hours of contributions from 50 writers and activists.


Many radio shows have featured alternative reports into the events of 9/11. These two are some examples:

  • Guns and Butter "Guns and Butter" investigates the relationships among capitalism, militarism and politics. Maintaining a radical perspective in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, "Guns and Butter" reports on who wins and who loses when the economic resources of civil society are diverted toward global corporatization, war, and the furtherance of a national security state.
  • Taking Aim Uncompromising, fact intensive exposés of the hidden workings of a capitalist system addicted to permanent war.

Related Websites

Some, of the many, web sites related to the 9/11 Truth Movement.

homepage:: http://

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Further Resources

Petros Evdokas ~ petros (at) 15.Sep.2006 02:14

Audio, Video and Text resources ~ 9/11 Truth Conference in Chicago


9/11 Revealing The Truth / Reclaiming Our Future
Conference held June 2 through June 4, 2006 at the Embassy Suites in

Audio, Video and Text resources / Links


This is a compilation of some of the main resources from the Conference
in the form of recordings and publications. It is not the "final and
definitive" compilation but it's a very good collection, an excellent
package of materials for any 9/11 Truth activist and/or community
organizer, both for the experienced and for those new to the cause.

I'd like to start by listing a Text resource.

Reading is the activity most easily skipped by our reluctant minds,
dulled as they are by a continuous bombardment of stupefying
music-television items, thousands of corporate radio/video
advertisements and government propaganda actively piercing our
awareness during every awake moment of our lives. And yet, reading
provides an experience unlike anything else. It has the capacity to
heal the mind and to bring wholeness to one's critical sensibilities.
And mental emotional comfort. It's like drinking a nice warm cup of
Mental Clari Tea.

At the Chicago Conference, my colleague Chris Kaihatsu and I
distributed a few hundred copies of a pamphlet written by Chris,
"9-11: Why the Details Matter".
The experience provided us with excellent opportunities to meet new
people and to discuss the direction of this grass-roots movement with
persons from all sorts of cultural and political roots and origins who
were in attendance.

The article has been published in the pages of the Chicago IndyMedia
site, and is available there for reading and printing out for

I believe that the approach navigated by the article contains the key
to unlocking two very importand things:
- helping to lay out a future path for the 9-11 grassroots mobilization
that's based on the principles of a political-economy aimed at
reclaiming the collective power that Humanity as a whole (and Americans
in particular) have given up to the master criminals of the ruling
class who own and control our world,
- helping to refresh the minds and hearts of the millions of people on
the Left, who, without realizing it have been duped by the Leftist
leadership (exercized by certain individuals and organizations) in
order to avoid the 9-11 Truth and Justice movement, helping people on
the Left to reconsider the basic premises, findings, and aims of our
grassroots mobilization.

This fake "Leftist" influence toward denial and repulsion (being
promoted by forces which are recently being labelled and criticized as
"Left Gatekeepers") that has permeated the progressive and radical
community is an obstacle that we have no other option but to try to
melt, neutralize, overcome, bridge, bypass, to befriend... by winning
people over and gaining their trust. Every access point to the minds
and hearts of pure and genuine progressive people can be a personal
political invitation to join the 9-11 efforts. The article by Chris is
a worthy, in-depth, and graceful contribution in that direction - the
author speaks in a voice that comes from the heart of a true patriot, a
committed internationalist, a revolutionary- minded activist with a
mind firmly rooted in the heritage of scientific socialism:

"9-11: Why the Details Matter"
By Chris Kaihatsu

If you know of a person who is self- described as progressive, radical,
Leftist of any brand whom you want to invite to give consideration to
the 9/11 Truth and Justice efforts, please give them a copy of "9-11:
Why the Details Matter".

* Anyone interested in a little sampling of how twisted and disgusting
is the propaganda that comes from the Left Gatekeepers, you may want to
see this page where one of our people writing in pursuit of the truth
under the name Turboglo becomes entangled, attacked, sniped at by some
of the most vicious arguments. It comes to the point where one them
writes "why are you defending murderers anyways?". So much viciousness,
so much bile, just to deny and to hide the truth:


Three sources
The first two are compilations of Audio resources from IndyMedia,
compiled by various 9/11 colleagues

1. Audio from 911 Truth Movement Protest in Chicago
by Rita Sand

This work by Rita Sand contains audio from the protest that begain in
began in Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago and continued the headquarters
of ABC, The Chicago Tribune and WGN.
It includes audio from
- 911 survivor Jeanette McKinley at Daley Plaza
- Activist and writer Ralph Schoenman
- Protest outside ABC headquarters in Chicago
- Voices of protestors outside ABC headquarters

2. Chicago Audio Recordings Appearing on Indymedia
compiled by Veritas

This was the opening session on Saturday, June 3, 2006.
Speakers: Carol Brouillet, co-founder of The 9-11 Truth Alliance and
The Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance 13.1mb
David Kubiak, former executive director and webmaster of

Overview by Barrie Zwicker, journalist and director of the first
International Citizens' Inquiry into 911.
audio: MP3 at 23.0 megabytes

Legal strategies for the people of the United States to prosecute those
responsible for the crimes on 911.
Kathleen Rosenblatt, Ph.D., Co-producer of the first Citizens' Grand
Jury I & II in Los Angeles 10.9mb
Lynn Pentz, Founder, 911TruthLA.US
Philip Berg, Former Attorney General of the State of Pennsylvania
Ralph Schoenman, activist, former Secretary General of the
International Tribunal on U.S. War Crimes in Indochina.
audio: MP3 at 11.0 megabytes
[several audios]

Kevin Ryan
Kevin Ryan is a former lab director at Environmental Health
Laboratories, Inc. a subsidiary of Underwriters Laboratory, Inc. the
company that tested the strength of the steel columns in the World
Trade Center in the 1960's.
audio: MP3 at 23.4 megabytes

Dr. Robert Bowman
Dr. Robert Bowman, former head of the Star Wars Missile Defense
audio: MP3 at 26.9 megabytes

Ann Machon
Talk by Ann Machon, former British MI5 agent.
audio: MP3 at 6.4 megabytes

The Highpoints and Plateaus of the June 2-4, 2006 Chicago Conference
reviewed by Carol Brouillet
audio: MP3 at 11.4 megabytes

3. An additional source is:

which springs directly from the hard work of Glen Owen and the Portland
KBOO unofficial archive project, briefly aknowledged and annotated
with special mention of


These are DVDs from the Keynote Speaker Presentations at the
Conference. Volunteers stayed up all night to process and edit the
materials to have them available on the next day after each

The DVDs are for sale and copyrighted, in order to help raise funds to
cover expenses. But the organizers of the Conference have also taken an
additional and very bold step - contrary to the Corporate ideology and
all profit-seeking methods - to dissolve the copyrights (cancel the
exclusive ownership) of the materials so that the whole community can
have access to them as freely as possible. On October 1, 2006 they
become public domain, after which anyone may copy them and distribute

Building non-profit enterprize into the foundations of the 9/11 grass
roots movement is an excellent way to move in accordance with the most
precious of social values. Please consider buying these dvd's even
after the October 1st transition to public domain, the movement still
needs your funds.

Videos include:
Steven Jones, PhD.
Keynote Speech DVD - $10.00

Meria Heller
Keynote Speech DVD - $10.00

Dr. William Pepper
Kenote Speech DVD - $10.00

Annie Machon
Keynote Speeech DVD - $10.00

Alex Jones
Keynote Speech DVD - $10.00

Complete Set of Keynote Speeches
5 DVDs - $40.00

Please let me know of any corrections or additions appropriate to these
Please feel free to promote, remail, forward and re-publish this
letter, or adapt it to article form suited for publication in other

Many thanks to all for your dedicated hard work and committment to
Truth and Justice,
Petros Evdokas

"Bunk and Debunking Battles" / Scientific American

Petros Evdokas 15.Sep.2006 02:18

"Bunk and Debunking Battles" / Scientific American:

Apparently someone also republished it in the pages of Portland's IndyMedia with their own introduction, and the local imc used it as a Feature article:

omg, they're after me!

tinfoil 15.Sep.2006 09:49

tinfoil hats don't work

to "tinfoil"

Truthiness 15.Sep.2006 17:38

Which is why we don't wear them. Get some new material. Oh wait, that would mean you'd have to come up with your OWN material and you'd need an imagination in order to do that.
Sorry, but...YOU ARE OBSOLETE!! You can now retire to the dustbin of historical irrelevance.


J. Lennon 16.Sep.2006 02:41

Imagine where the NeoCons would be today if Indymedia editors had NOT been hiding everything the Truth activists have written for the past 5 - FIVE! - years.

Imagine Indymedia with balls and spine to be different than the New York Times, the Wash Post etc, and NOT censor the 9/11 Skeptics.

Imagine Indymedia as a REAL alternative (as in not fake) to the MSM.

It's pretty hard to do...

Indymedia deserves a big Thank You

TruthOut 16.Sep.2006 06:52 much as I'm tempted to agree, I have to say that it's certainly better late than never at all. Thanks Indymedia for finally covering this!

(the global indymedia site (this one) never censored any 9/11 truth articles that I'm aware of...the IMC site that most diligently and relentlessly censors 9/11 truth is the NYC IMC, and now even they're beginning to feel the heat)

Infoshop seems to be the last alternative media left that is still acting as though the 9/11 truth movement is a fringe element of society. It's so hard to believe that Anarchists are the last ones left who still believe the official government conspiracy theory. In fact it's so completely insane that I have to slap myself upside the head to make sure I'm awake. Speaking of awake, wake up Infoshop, you're an embarrassment to anarchists who've left the denial behind.

Again, thanks Indymedia...after almost 7 years, there's still hope!

re: truthiness -> fooltoil

monkey 16.Sep.2006 09:38

Waking up, was to say that hyperlinks in the main article under keywords: [b]terror raids, shoot to kill, detention without trial, torture training, profiling, rendition, ID cards [/b] are not working.
Following truthiness's comment on sabotaging this topic. Earlier this summer during Gaza/Lebanon/Israel discussions the very same thing occured under those topics having a person (or a machine) under a nickname 'rigoroz' copy pasting an enormous amount of information therefore stopping (&blocking*) any discussion of taking place.

Response to J. Lennon and TruthOut

Chris 16.Sep.2006 20:18

The article above is a edited version of one on Sheffield Indymedia.

J Lennon said "Imagine where the NeoCons would be today if Indymedia editors had NOT been hiding everything the Truth activists have written for the past 5 - FIVE! - years." Well, yes, good point, with hindsight Portland got it right all those years ago. However there are still a lot of Indymedia activists who still agree with the likes of Alexander Cockburn. Things are changing though and this article being here reflects this, Indybay and LA have both just run feature articles on the 9/11 Truth Movement.


truthiness 16.Sep.2006 20:46

Waking up, was to say that hyperlinks in the main article under keywords: [b]terror raids, shoot to kill, detention without trial, torture training, profiling, rendition, ID cards [/b] are not working.
Following truthiness's comment on sabotaging this topic. Earlier this summer during Gaza/Lebanon/Israel discussions the very same thing occured under those topics having a person (or a machine) under a nickname 'rigoroz' copy pasting an enormous amount of information therefore stopping (&blocking*) any discussion of taking place."

Is this supposed to make sense?

re: making sense

monkey 17.Sep.2006 09:44

What didn't you understand?
Said hyperlinnks are not working in the main article (comment part1)
and thenn said that there are peeople posting too much information in order to stop discussion (sabotage) (comment part2)
.At the begining I have mentioned that I am waking up.
So which part havent yo understood ?


Stop being sheep

Anarchman 18.Sep.2006 01:40

Ill keep this short, although there is plenty to say.

How can we expect the same government that bundles up the simplest tasks
and leaks information all over the place, to have perpretrated a great
conspiracy? Stop giving this government credit for being intelligent.

Lets stick to protesting real issues like the war in Iraq and atrocities in Darfur.


9-11 18.Sep.2006 03:25

I ask you to apologise for disrespecting those who died on 9-11 and their family members with that cartoon.

"It has been over two years since hundreds of our lost loved ones "remains" have still yet to be identified and their remains placed in a landfill at Fresh Kill. We want our heroes brought back and given a public and proud resting place where we all can pay our respects and honor them."
9-11 widow Ellen Mariani

Ellen Mariani Video

"Fresh Kill Landfill is not the appropriate resting-place for the ash collected from the WTC site and should not be the site of a memorial. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey should be required to transport the remains from the Fresh Kills Landfill and return them to the World Trade Center site to be used in a memorial built in their honor."
NY Legislator Ellen Jaffee

"It looks like there was a conspiracy behind 9/11 if you really look at all the facts - a lot of families now feel the same way."
Bill Doyle, who lost his son on 9-11 and heads the Coalition of 9/11 Families

Holocaust deniers make the same argument about the conspiracy being to sophisticated of an operation to have been successful. I'm not trying to lump you in with holocaust deniers, just trying to point the weakness of your argument.

Exposing the 9/11 Conspiracy Wingnuts

Bill Douglas 19.Sep.2006 09:56

Exposing the 9/11 Conspiracy Wingnuts

by Bill Douglas, author of "The Amateur Parent - A Book on Life, Death, War & Peace, and Everything Else in the Universe.” Bill has been a contributing guest columnist for The Business Journal, The Kansas City Star, etc.

I began researching the mainstream media coverage of the controversy regarding the attacks of 9/11/2001, when reading an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Newspaper, dated June 29th, 2006. It was titled, "Sept. 11 claim stirs UW probe -- Instructor says U.S. planned the attacks to provoke war." This led to my discovery of some wild conspiracy theorists that endanger our government and media establishments, with quite frankly insane assertions. I'll address this in full in the final paragraph.

Then by using a "google video 9/11" search, I recently viewed a FOX News interview on Hannity and Colmes with an Arab Studies teacher from the University of Wisconsin named Kevin Barrett. I had earlier seen an interview with another, a professor named James Fetzer, University of Minnesota Duluth. A few weeks earlier I had seen an interview on MSNBC Scarborough country interviewing a Mike Berger representing

Some of these guests referred to an organization called "Scholars for 9/11 Truth" with a website, which offered a physics research paper questioning the official explanation of the events of 9/11/2001. While visiting this site, I read that they pointed to the temperatures of the fires in the WTC buildings, and construction of the buildings, and the speed they fell, as evidence they claimed proved that what we saw on 9/11/2001 when the towers fell had to have been the result of a controlled demolition. Like the ones we've seen with Las Vegas hotels being brought down. Their claim was that the WTC buildings could not have been caused solely by the aircraft hitting the WTC buildings that day.

Then, I contacted the office of a Wisconsin State Legislator, Rep. Stephen Nass (R-Whitewater), and asked to speak to someone in the office who could speak on this issue. I asked if he was familiar with the Scholars for 9/11 Truth website, and he replied they had learned of it this week. I asked him if he and the Representative could comment on the charge that the fires on 9/11/2001 in the WTC buildings did not burn hot enough to bring down the buildings, and if he'd read the scholars organization's charge that thermate traces had been found on debris from the fallen towers (thermate indicating demolition type explosives were involved). The gentleman responded that no, they had not looked at this information, and this would not be something they would look at, further indicating that anyone who made such charges was blinded by their hatred of President Bush.

Which leads back to the interviews of guests on the three television news programs. The main theme of all three of the guests on these programs appeared to be concern of the physical evidence of 9/11/2001, mentioned above and particularly regarding the collapse of three of the World Trade Center buildings on that day.

The main themes of the interviewers on these programs appeared to be two-fold:
1) The guests were representing a fringe movement, and most Americans do not dispute the official 9/11 explanation of the 19 hijackers defeating US military and intelligence forces on 9/11/2001.
2) The guests and those they speak for, who question the official 9/11/2001 account, are of questionable sanity

This motivated me to do some research. First I looked at the fringe movement issue that the majority of Americans disagreed with the programs guests and accept the official explanation, and secondly, the sanity and expertise of people like their guests who question the official story of 9/11/2001.

First, regarding the fringe issue, asserting that the guests questioning the events of 9/11 reflected a small minority of American opinion. I looked at the only polls I could find on these questions, and the results were surprising. A CNN viewers poll, which is not scientific, held Wednesday, November 10th, 2005, asked, "Do you believe there is a U.S. government cover-up surrounding 9/11?" 89% replied "Yes," they did believe there was a cover-up by the U.S. Government (9,441 votes), while only 12% felt there was no cover-up. In a national Zogby poll, of May 2006, found that 45%, of the American public felt a new 9/11 investigation should be launched because "so many unanswered questions about 9/11 remain that Congress or an International Tribunal should re-investigate the attacks, including whether any US government officials consciously allowed or helped facilitate their success." An earlier Zogby poll of New York City residents, from August of 2004, found that Half (49.3%) of New Yorkers felt that U.S. government officials "knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act." While 66% of New Yorkers called for a new probe of Unanswered Questions by Congress or New York’s Attorney General.

Now to the second issue the television media interviewers were most concerned with, which was the expertise and sanity of the people demanding a new 9/11 investigation, and some even suggesting possible U.S. government complicity in the attacks of 9/11/2001. Again, a simple google "video 9/11" search, provided a wealth of information. This too yielded some surprising results.

One of the loudest advocates of the most damning charge that "members of the U.S. government actually orchestrated the events of 9/11 to fool the nation into unpopular wars", was not a tree-hugging Green Party activist, but rather a prominent Republican, in fact a Former Chief Economist under George Bush, and professor at Texas A&M, Morgan Reynolds.

Google research of the growing list of other 9/11 skeptics of the official story, some "convinced of U.S. government involvement," while others not going that far, but pointing out that"the official story is highly questionable and demands further investigation," yielded surprising results. Including a host of high level Republican administration officials, defense experts, intelligence experts, and respected scholars, as well as well known celebrities who are now adding the spotlight of their names to the issue of 9/11. Among them were:

Former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S.
Air Force, under President Reagan, and combat fighter pilot Col. Robert Bowman (Caltech Phd in aeronautics and nuclear engineering).

Former CIA Intelligence Advisor to Reagan and George HW Bush and
founder of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, Ray McGovern

Kevin Ryan, former department head at UL (Underwriter Laboratories) the company which certified the steel which went into the WTCs upon their construction, and inspected it after the WTC collapses in 2001.

Former assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury Senior Research
Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Research Fellow at Stanford's Independent Institute,
and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, Paul Craig Roberts

Canadian National Defense Minister, the Honourable Paul Hellyer

Minister for the Environment, and Member of Parliament (United Kingdom) Michael Meacher

National Minister of Defense (Germany). Also, served as Minister of Technology Andreas Von Bulow

Former Chief of Staff of the Russian armed forces, and chief of the
department for General affairs in the Soviet Union 's ministry of Defense, General
Leonid Ivashov

Former MI6 British Counter Intelligence Officer, David Shayler

Distinguished McKnight University Professor of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota, former Marine Corps officer, author or editor of more than 20
books, and co-chair of Scholars For 9/11 Truth, James Fetzer

Professor of Physics, Brigham Young University, and co-chair of
Scholars For 9/11 Truth, Steven Jones

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy of Religion & Theology, Claremont
Graduate University, and author or editor of some 30 books, including "The New Pearl Harbor" and "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions" David Ray Griffin

Professor of mathematics, University of Western Ontario, and founder
of the Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven (SPINE), A.K Dewdney

Aircraft crash investigation authority, USAF Col. (Ret) George Nelson

Former chief Pentagon arms negotiator for the Middle East, USAF Col.
(Ret) Don de Grand-Pre

Actor Charlie Sheen (Platoon, Wall Street, etc.)

Actor, Ed Asner

Actor, Ed Begley, Jr

So, now that we've examined the two main issues of concern for the television news interviewers, which was the "fringe" aspect of the questioners, and the "sanity/expertise" issue, it appears those arguments are very weak arguments, really with no merit at all. Obviously tens of millions of Americans, according to polls, want a new investigation into 9/11/2001 and have a strong suspicion of U.S. government involvement at some level. Obviously not all of the national defense, intelligence, aeronautics, physics and engineering experts questioning the official story of 9/11 are insane or unqualified to comment.

This begs the question, in the face of such obvious facts, why do our media personalities continue to attempt to throw out accusations that are patently untrue regarding those who question the official story? When a television news interviewer continues to ask questions and make assertions that he or she knows to be untrue, this would challenge the expertise and sanity, not of their guests, but of the television news interviewer.

The 9/11 truth movement appears to be growing rapidly, and involving people of substantial credentials and expertise. As television and some radio personalities continue to behave in what obviously is an insane behavior, what do we do? Can we get our national media any psychological help? If not, it would be wise to relieve them of their positions at least. I feel increasingly uneasy about millions of young minds being exposed night after night to comments and opinions by people who increasingly appear to be insane, yet in positions of authority.

Of course the concern here is larger. If there is any possibility or doubt about whether the events of 9/11/2001 were participated in by members of our own government, then our entire democracy and world peace would be strengthened by getting to the bottom of the true facts of this pinnacle event of our time. It would be unhealthy to leave a cloud of doubt hanging over such assertions. There should be a full fledged national debate, experts from all sides should be interviewed on national media to get to the bottom of this once and for all. Our Congress should launch investigations into the physics questions that are causing so many to doubt the official story. No matter where anyone stands on this issue, this is obviously the only path to national healing and trust.

However, this debate on national media cannot occur if the interviewers hired by national media continue to behave in an insane irrational behavior, like "conspiracy theory wing-nuts." You see, too many of our media spokespersons on television and radio adhere to a wild conspiracy theory. Their theory is that anyone who looks into the facts of the events of one of the most important issues in history is alone, and insane, but yet somehow organized in some united conspiratorial effort. Of course, the facts fly in the face of this conspiracy theory, but these media personalities appear unable to grasp reality even when it is pointed out to them.

For media reading this article, time will tell whether you are an insane conspiracy theorist or not. If you too, are among the insane in our media, the public will likely eventually demand your resignation. As one who writes sometimes on parental issues, I believe it is unhealthy to have insane people in charge of the national information highways our children are taught to watch. We need sane media people who look at facts regarding issues, not ones who launch into insane screeds of paranoia to avoid reality.

Also, you may recall that when I contacted State Representative, Stephen Nass' office, his aid stated that they were aware of but not interested in and would not look at the physics facts provided by the website Scholars for 9/11 Truth, However, they did want to fire a university teacher for presenting facts, many of which were available on that site. To fire someone for presenting facts, facts that you dispute, yet have no idea what those facts are, and are unwilling to look at them to find out what they are . . . is also insane. Again, as someone who writes on parenting issues, as a concerned parent as well, America should also consider retiring our insane government officials who fire people for facts they aren't aware of and are unwilling to look at. These politicians apparently assert some wild conspiracy theory that millions of Americans are questioning the events of 9/11 because they are "Bush haters" according to the aid at Nass' office. This kind of delusional paranoia by our elected officials is of particular concern. Such wild eyed conspiratorialists should not be allowed in government.


zita 20.Sep.2006 00:58

A Date With a Dangerous Mind

EXCLUSIVE: Face to face with Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the man whose swaggeris stirring fears of warwith the U.S.,8816,1535827,00.html

TIME: You recently invited President Bush to a televised debate. If he were sitting where I am sitting, what would you say, man to man?

AHMADINEJAD: The issues which are of interest to us are the international issues and how to manage them. I gave some recommendations to President Bush in my personal letter, and I hope that he will take note of them. I would ask him, Are rationalism, spirituality and humanitarianism and logic--are they bad things for human beings? Why more conflict? Why should we go for hostilities? Why should we develop weapons of mass destruction? Everybody can love one another.


TIME: Why do your supporters chant "Death to America"?

AHMADINEJAD: When they chanted that slogan, it means they hate aggression, and they hate bullying tactics, and they hate violations of the rights of nations and discrimination. I recommended to President Bush that he can change his behavior, then everything will change.

TIME: How do you think the American people feel when they hear Iranians shouting "Death to America" and the President of Iran does not criticize this?

AHMADINEJAD: The nations do not have any problems. What is the role of the American people in what is happening in the world? The people of the United States are also seeking peace, love, friendship and justice.

TIME: But if Americans shouted "Death to Iran," Iranians would feel insulted.

AHMADINEJAD: If the government of Iran acted in such a way, then [the American people] have this right.

TIME: Are America and Iran fated to be in conflict?

AHMADINEJAD: No, this is not fate. And this can come to an end. I have said we can run the world through logic. We are living our own lives. The U.S. government should not interfere in our affairs. They should live their own lives. They should serve the interests of the U.S. people. They should not interfere in our affairs. Then there would be no problems with that.

TIME: Does Iran have the right to nuclear weapons?

AHMADINEJAD: We are opposed to nuclear weapons. We think it has been developed just to kill human beings. It is not in the service of human beings. For that reason, last year in my address to the U.N. General Assembly, I suggested that a committee should be set up in order to disarm all the countries that possess nuclear weapons.

TIME: But you were attacked with weapons of mass destruction by Iraq. You say the U.S. threatens you, and you are surrounded by countries that have nuclear weapons.

AHMADINEJAD: Today nuclear weapons are a blunt instrument. We don't have any problems with Pakistan or India. Actually they are friends of Iran, and throughout history they have been friends. The Zionist regime is not capable of using nuclear weapons. Problems cannot be solved through bombs. Bombs are of little use today. We need logic.


TIME: You have been quoted as saying Israel should be wiped off the map. Was that merely rhetoric, or do you mean it?

AHMADINEJAD: People in the world are free to think the way they wish. We do not insist they should change their views. Our position toward the Palestinian question is clear: we say that a nation has been displaced from its own land. Palestinian people are killed in their own lands, by those who are not original inhabitants, and they have come from far areas of the world and have occupied those homes. Our suggestion is that the 5 million Palestinian refugees come back to their homes, and then the entire people on those lands hold a referendum and choose their own system of government. This is a democratic and popular way. Do you have any other suggestions?

TIME: Do you believe the Jewish people have a right to their own state?

AHMADINEJAD: We do not oppose it. In any country in which the people are ready to vote for the Jews to come to power, it is up to them. In our country, the Jews are living and they are represented in our Parliament. But Zionists are different from Jews.

TIME: Have you considered that Iranian Jews are hurt by your comments denying that 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust?

AHMADINEJAD: As to the Holocaust, I just raised a few questions. And I didn't receive any answers to my questions. I said that during World War II, around 60 million were killed. All were human beings and had their own dignities. Why only 6 million? And if it had happened, then it is a historical event. Then why do they not allow independent research?

TIME: But massive research has been done.

AHMADINEJAD: They put in prison those who try to do research. About historical events everybody should be free to conduct research. Let's assume that it has taken place. Where did it take place? So what is the fault of the Palestinian people? These questions are quite clear. We are waiting for answers.

Copyright © 2006 Time Inc. All rights reserved.

"Loose Change 9/11" documentary explains U.S. Government may have caused 9/11

Cris Ericson 22.Sep.2006 05:17

I have seen the DVD titled: "Loose Change 9/11" and this documentary explains that the U.S. Government may have caused 9/11.
I e-mailed the producer asking if this was a documentary or a fantasy,
and my question was not answered.
It looks like pure documentary footage.
"click above link to watch loose change 2nd Edition"

Korey Rowe, Producer
Telephone in the U.S.A. (607)267-4456

"9/11 Mysteries"

J. Lennon 23.Sep.2006 17:42

In my view, the best documentary to this day about the Mysteries of Manhattan on 9/11, is by far the documentary (1h 30min) "9/11 Mysteries", made by a conservative Republican who got real angry when he found out the official story was even more bogus than some of the "conspiracy" stuff from the Internet.

Google Video:
Torrent download:

Watch it, then make up your own mind!

(And this one goes out to the NYC Indy Collective: Show some effin respect!)


Send these links to at least two friends, asking them to send them to at least two friends as well. When all is said and done, everyone linked to anyone here will have them:

Physics Professor Steven Jones (Brigham Young University), analyses the collapse of the 3 WTC buildings on September 11, 2001:

9/11 Mysteries (video)

Loose Change, 2nd Edition (Recut)

9/11: A Conversation with Jim Fetzer (video)


brad 18.Oct.2006 01:56

great to hear more people are taking us seriously.
but i dont understand the users choice of links. is a RIPOFF of
their site is inaccurate, and limits the governments accountabilbity to LIHOP.


hoofman works for

If fact, based on a careful study of our website's logs, Jim Hoffman's real job was found to be as a [WWW]computer engineer for a "research institute" at one of the US Government's most important Laboritories: Lawrence Berkeley Labs, and his real email is mailto: . The [WWW] Mathematical Sciences Research Institutehas [WWW] amongst its sponsors:

The National Security Agency
The Office of Naval Research, which acts as the research arm of the Office of Naval Intelligence.
The Department of Energy, manager of the US nuclear laboritories such as Lawrence Berkeley and Livermore.

Naive members of the "9/11 Truth" community had accepted Hoffman's descriptions of himself as an artist with activist credentials at face value, but when confronted with the disclosure of his real occupation and employers, he became indignant ( [WWW] rule 2), and vanished from the mailing list ( [WWW] rule 25).

Jim Hoffman's specialty on 9/11 is long involved technical papers that are too complex to for most people to follow ( [WWW] rule 2 ). For example, his Dust Clouds paper, makes no sense at all. The use of the ideal gas law for the expansion of the dust clouds is absurd: the ideal gas law is a Carnot Cycle / equilibrium thermodynamics calculation. It's an absurdity to do a calculation of the mean of the Boltzmann distribution of kinetic energy at thermodynamic equilibrium on a mixture of concrete and office workers that has been blasted out horizontally almost the width of the TwinTowers . Not only it is not equilibrium, it's not a gas - it's a mixture. There's no evidence the dust clouds were heated to hundreds of degrees centigrade, and even if you had the enthalpy to heat it, you could not thermally heat it in the time allowed because of the kinetics ([WWW] rule 13).


debunking defamers

AlreadyPublished 18.Oct.2006 08:20

Hoffman's site is the best 911 analysis site online, period.

And there is no such thing as LIHOP -- except in counter-intelligence parlance.

The Strange Doubvlethink cult of David Ray Griffin

Gerard Holmgren 22.Nov.2006 03:09

Why the 9/11 "truth" movement is nuts
by Gerard Holmgren Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2006 at 10:49 PM


What is a "truthling" ?

A truthling is a person who subscribes to a strange religious cult calling itself the "911 truth movement ".

Superficially, there may appear to be nothing strange about the idea of a truth movement in relation to the events of Sept 11. Anybody who has looked critically at the events of that day can see that the official story is a lie.

So it is to be expected that despite some disagreement about the details of exactly what happened, many people would find broad agreement in the idea that the truth of the event should be sought out by researchers to the best of their ability and then that research promoted to the wider community by activists with an interest in the truth. One would expect some healthy debate and diversity in relation to some specific points of research.

The reality of the situation is somewhat different. If you search around the web for "911 truth movement" you'll find a lot of talk about "truth" and a lot about the "movement", but most of this talk has little to with either researching the subject or promoting, or critically analyzing the research which has been done. If the "9/11 truth movement " isn't about this, then exactly what is it about ?

That question is the subject of this article.