ATHENS: 25,000 Students March Against Education Reforms

Demonstration in Athens Brutally Attacked by Police

On February 22nd, 2007, more than 25,000 people, mainly students including pupils and teachers, got into the streets of Athens, as a response to the reform of the higher education, announced by the government, in the biggest student demonstration so far. There were also some thousand participants coming from all over Greece. The demonstration was brutally attacked by the police, in several places, while a lot of demonstrators were walloped, kicked and sprayed with tear gas and ammonia. One student was arrested, after being severely beaten, kicked and punched by some riot policemen, while lying on the ground. [ read more, photos ]

This is the second part of the education reform, that has been pushed by the government. The constitutional reform that would stop the state monopoly on Universities, was apparently not supported by any of the opposition parties on the first round; therefore, an increased majority will be required in the next round, which will take place after the elections.

Just a few days ago, the minister of education announced that the frame law for the function of the Universities will be voted in the Parliament, next week. It is a piece of legislation that since its draft version, last May, led to an outrage by both students and academics, resulting to consequent university occupations, strikes, and militant mobilisations of any sort. This law is gradually abolishing the university asylum (the fact that the police cannot enter the university) and introduces further privatisation and speeding up the processes, while keeping the funding on low levels.

The students have decided to resist in any means. 330 university faculties are under occupation, while high-schools starting being occupied in solidarity. On Tuesday and Wednesday the students organised street parties with concerts right in the centre of Thessaloniki [ photos ] and Athens [ photos ] respectively, in an effort to communicate their struggle. Meanwhile 1 MW radio and 2 webradios are operating from the occupations.

[ Read mode about the demo | greek students on the move, collide with the establishment ]


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Another view

Red Black Green Rainbow 24.Feb.2007 21:43

The plain fact (unreported by imc) is that the police were provoked on purpose with violence by specific groups of demonstrators.

They had set out to do this, with plans and worked-out strategies ahead of time on where to attack, etc. You can even see it in the photos from the protest - here you can see the police standing in line and some provocateurs (fake "revolutionaries") coming up and attacking them:

The same incident from another angle:

And again:

Here, the police are just standing scattered, and were attacked by a molotov:

From this picture it's clear that the massive protests were mostly composed of peaceful protestors who did not come armed with sticks ready for combat, and as you see they're are not participating in street battles:

On the other hand, of course, large numbers of police are reactionary sadists, and they don't need much of a provocation to get into a fight. And they had been all given very strict orders (announced for days beforehand by the government on all media) to put down any violence and to meet it with force.

The pseudo-revolutionary "strategy" of bringing about confrontation in the hope that it will spark a revolution is what lies underneath these events. The provocateurs and radical posers attacked the police with molotovs and sticks, in order to bring on the fight.

Indymedia ought to be more honest about reporting these realities of our movement.

the plain fact mr red black green rainbow

hassasin (enraged greek student) 26.Feb.2007 09:09

is that obviously you have not participated in either the demos and rallys held on last june nor in the movements and the demonstrations of the last month.

Its plain obvious and you cant hide it.That s the reason why you continue bubbling and reproducing the state propaganda about the riot police,the the "standing still soldiers" as the minister mr Polidoras would state with faulty pride,reaveling thus his fascist background.

If you had any idea at all of whats happening on the road you wouldn write stuff like the above, witch tend to consist a propaganda of the worst of the kind.The fact is that on the majority of the occasions the police strike the demo with full force without a clear reason.They cover the whole area of the demonstation with their gus and everyone is blinded and crying and cant breathe.They hit EVERYONE really hard,even little girls-students,they kick them on the face and stuff like that.From June till now.The participants of course they try sometimes to hold them back.thats mainly how the story goes.But you have not a clue of whats been going on.

Why now you choose to attack the local imc by posting on the global imc,rather than communicating them only you would know.But thats not a very clear tactic, if I were to express my opinion.

If you have a problem with the athens imc write them a letter or pay them a visit.What you are doing here is kinda mysterious.

the students have grown since last year mr red green black purple,and WE do not tolerate others to speak in our name.So if you wish, either join the movement with acceptance to all the other political tendancies-including the anarchists- or leave it be.

opote parata tis malakies.

hassasin (enraged student)


problem 28.Feb.2007 06:27

there seems to be a probelm with i know this shouldn't be here but i didn't know were else i could state it and hope that the guys from the imc will see it.


ΧΩΡΙΣ ΚΟΥΚΟΥΛΑ 21.Mar.2007 14:13