UPR: Students lower the imperialist flag from the UPR Tower


Lucha independentista
Lucha independentista

The struggle for the independence of Puerto Rico continues.

Around noon of Wednesday Sept. 22nd of 2010, a group of around 30 hooded students occupied the UPR tower with the intention of lowering the imperialist flag of the US, cut down the mast, hang a banner in homage to Juan Mari Brás, Lolita Lebrón and Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, and then take the flag to burn it in Lares the next day.

The group that calls itself the Black Hooded Commando managed to mock the campus security and carry out the majority of the objectives without there being any violent incident nor sanctions against the participants.

The Puerto Rico Indymedia news center presents the following photo article from the perspective of the demonstrators and the communique from Comando Capa Prieto for the action:

At five years since the death in combat of the comrade and commando Filiberto Ojeda Ríos the sacrifices add themselves up and grow from other combatants like Juan Mari Brás, like Lolita Lebrón –incarnation of the undomesticated dignity-, like Carlos Alberto Torres, Avelino González Claudio, Oscar López Rivera -¿and why not?- of our students on strike. Dead, jailed, sanctioned: all are protagonists of the non-stop confrontation between what's lagging and what's moving forward.

Yesterday we were Antonio Valero de Bernabé, we were María de las Mercedes Barbudo, we were Betances, we were Albizu, we were Corretjer, we were Filiberto, we were barefoot journalists, we were aggregates. Against adversity -like our ancestors-, we fight, and we come into being.

See photo article translated

See photo article in Spanish | Also- Radio Huelga coverage from the occupied tower (in Spanish)

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aristocratic 29.Sep.2010 17:10

so, they dont want to be part of the united states? fine, prove it. over throw the feudal landlords . they can start with representative charlie rangel and his business partners getting tax breaks in puerto rico housing... short of that! they are role playing . hopefully they wont foresake their brethren denied access to college when they start making money..nevertheless, they should sober up and try and get a education.. as far as not breaking anything or hurting anyone.. kudos!


Leaving the U.S. Imperialist Nuclear Umbrella, is a Path to Liberation. 02.Oct.2010 21:05

The advent of ALBA, the Bolivarian Revolution, and the Banco del Sud, changes the way Latin America can win its freedom and genuine independene from the Worst Empire on earth, who makes their moneies by polluting and aggressive wars of conquest globally.

The People's Republic of China can give solidarity to such a move as it to seaks ways to initiate ways to form trade and economy on the concept of 'mutually benificial trade and economy world wide'. No more colonial enslaving orders for China and Latin America.

The raising of the flag for freedom and independence of the students solidifies the unity of the worker, peasant, student alliance. With the world's most polluted and aggressive war monger being abondoned daily by the world's people, instead of correcting itself, it compounds its errors by relying on military coups and engandizing its 'super-weapons' arsenal (Fourth Fleet). No lessons learnt there.

The students have learned their lessons well in reclaiming their water,lands and air spaces, because the pollution has actually increased under Obama, along with the massacre of millions of innocent peoples in the Holyland erstwhile middle east where the Obama regime has taken up the Bush lying wars of aggresson and made them their own with added troops to Afhanistan, and new attacks against Pakistan, and Yeman etc. End pollution wars, not more and more aggrssive wars for pollution. Viva socialist liberation.

Choosing the pa

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oyoooollllaa 06.Oct.2010 01:02

Hey yall, I'm the translator and a dear friend pointed out that the whole translated article is not accessible. I remember having included the whole posting the first time I submitted it, so do you still have access to that? With that, is it possible to put up at least the whole communique (pictures not necessary)? Because it brings up a lot of necessary context on the ideology of the students. If you don't have it anymore, I can send it again, just let me know.

Thank you.

Adios ...

Rick 29.Oct.2010 00:13

Puerto Rico is part of the United States in name only. If Puerto Ricans want independence, I'm sure that would be fine with most Americans. The government probably wouldn't be thrilled. But if a large enough majority of Puerto Ricans were for independence, I'm sure they could make it happen.

Having said all that, this childish flag stunt accomplished nothing. You need to organize and convince your fellow Puerto Ricans. Not engage in theft and destruction of private property. Do these kids really want independence, or do they want an excuse to act out?