Teamsters Strike at Coca-Cola

Teamsters in San Diego, California, who produce and distribute Coca-Cola products for Coca-Cola Enterprises went on strike today to protest the company's demand to dramatically increase workers' health care costs.

"Coke's greed has put nearly 500 San Diego families in jeopardy," said Jack Cipriani, International Vice President and Director of the Teamsters Brewery & Soft Drink Workers' Conference. "It is unconscionable that Coke would turn on the very people who work so hard to make the company the number one selling soft drink brand in the United States. Paying for those health benefits would have cost CCE less than what the company earned in 17 minutes last year."

The World Social Forum declared tomorrow, the 22nd of July, as an International Day of Action against Coca Cola. Organizers are encouraging schools and organizations to stop stocking coke machines and are asking individuals to refrain from buying Coca Cola products. In the US the campaign to boycott ‘Killer Coke’ is spreading across college campuses and communities around the country. The boycott was launched last year by the Colombian food and beverage workers’ union, SINALTRAINAL, to bring attention to the murders of Coca-Cola trade unionists there that they believe were executed by company-hired death squads in a country often described as the world’s most dangerous place for labor activists.

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