Diebold Update

State of California Sues Diebold for Fraud

9/7/04: After some bad news for e-voting activists — a judge in Maryland threw out a request for a preliminary injunction against Diebold's machines, and the State of California dropped a criminal investigation into the firm — the California Attorney General announced that he is suing Diebold for fraudulent claims he alleges the company made with regards to its electronic voting machines.

Although Diebold apparently isn't too concerned about the barrage of lawsuits it faces, e-voting activists hope the state lawsuit will pave the way for some progress towards a verifiable voting system, after the state and Diebold rushed headlong into a voting scenario with untested technology and no paper trail. Last year, state officials blasted Diebold for installing uncertified software installed on machines used in primary elections and banned Diebold's AcuVote-TSx voting machines from the November elections. New report on security hole in Diebold central tabulator

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