Dublin Bus Drivers Victimised for Joining Union and Organising

Three Drivers Suspended Without Pay . From the Newswire:Three bus driver employees of Bus Atha Cliath / Dublin Bus have been suspended without pay for almost four weeks now, for daring to join and be members of the trade union of their choice, the Independent Workers Union. While peaceably distributing information about their union, on request, in their own time and their own work place they were harassed and victimised by members of Dublin Bus management in clear violation of their constitutional, legal and industrial rights and in clear contravention of current legislation which protects workers in pursuit of their trade union rights. Suspension without pay is illegal and is a vicious attack not alone on the worker but on his or her family and dependents. Current legislation prohibits the suspension, harassment and victimisation of workers who legally carry out trade union activity in their work place. Other drivers in various depots of Dublin Bus are also facing suspension and possible dismissal, even some who are on sick leave, for being members of the Independent Workers Union, which is a fully licensed and legal trade union. Despite the best efforts of the employees and this trade union to have the matter settled in a fair, just and equitable manner the response of Dublin Bus management is more like what could be expected from the “Sopranos” rather than from a modern sophisticated management structure. Ironically this is from a company that was recently declared one of the top 50 Irish companies to work for; surely it must have been 50th from the bottom? In light of the hardship that our colleagues are suffering we are now appealing to members of the wider Trade Union Movement and to the public at large for their assistance and support. Further information from: Ray O’Reilly Asst. General Secretary, IWU 087-9356945 Email: comraderay41@hotmail.com http://www.indymedia.ie/attachments/aug2004/dubbus1.jpg

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