Soldiers Receive Answers to Questions About Getting Out of Military

9/25: GI Rights Hotline Training in Oakland

On Saturday, September 25th, the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors (CCCO) will be holding a GI Rights Hotline Training in Oakland. The training will last from 9am to 4pm, and organizers ask that participants let them know how many people are coming so they know how many people will be there. RSVP

Since 1948, the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors has supported individuals in their resistance and opposition to war. The CCCO says, "...there has long been an economic draft in place, creating an environment where poor people see the military as their only route to a paycheck and an education. When they learn that they have been lied to by recruiters and that they are opposed to the military, men and women in the military have almost no place to turn. The G.I. Rights Hotline at 800-394-9544 is one place that they can go to find information about discharges and support for their decisions. The numbers of calls are rising and we need more counselors to volunteer on the hotline. Tasks include answering phone calls, responding to e-mail inquiries, making referrals to relevant organizations and individuals when needed. Volunteers make an initial commitment of one year of at least 2 hours of volunteering a week."

The GI Rights Hotline provides a variety of services to soldiers and enlistees who call in. It tells people how to get out of the Delayed Enlistment Program (also known as Delayed Entry). It advises and keeps track of soldiers who are on Unauthorized Absense, or who are AWOL (absent without leave). It also advises and refers people who wanbt to file grievances or who have experienced sexual assault, hazing, and domestic violence at the hands of members of the military. STAMP

The CCCO distributes several publications, including Getting Out: A Guide to Military Discharges and GI Rights. Through its website it provides advice "Before you Enlist". Locally and nationwide, CCCO provides outreach to youth, and particularly to youth of color through the Third World Outreach Program. AWOL, the Revolutionary Artists Workshop zine and CD, is put out through CCCO, showcasing political hip hop, spoken word, graphic art and poetry addressing militarism in America.

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