On Eve of Debate, a Political Roundup from Latest Indypendent

On the eve of the first U.S. presidential debate, we cull some political coverage from our most recent issue of the Indypendent.

Neutralizing Nader, by Shawn Redden. "The Republican Party knocks voters off the ballot. The Democratic Party knocks candidates off the ballot."

CBS News and the Mark of Rove, by Mike Burke."Now that Dan Rather and CBS News have admitted they were misled into reporting on forged documents about President Bush’s National Guard service, a thorough investigation into who leaked the memos to CBS is in order."

Anybody But Bush?, by Jed Brandt. "Review of CounterPunch's new book "Dime's Worth of Difference: Beyond the Lesser of Two Evils"

WBAI 99.5 and Pacifica Radio will provide complete debate coverage, as well as much more, tonight starting at 8pm.

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