Live from Brookens

12:15am These reporters are sleepy and have to go home. We leave with Gill and Johnson close in Champaign County but knowing that the Congressional District is larger than the County. Rietz wins. No At Large is ahead by a wide margin. No election commission is ahead. Developmental Disabilities is ahead. Greens are expected to establish their districts in all three cases and in no case do they seem to be a "spoiler" factor. Mackaman is around 4% and may be able to break 5%. Jakobsson is the apparent winner in the State Rep race. That's all from Brookens tonight. 11:30pm For County Board race in district 9 Cunningham 12 reports 31% for Miller (Green), 48% McGinty (Democrat), 21% Moment (Republican) and in the State Rep race 8% for Socialist Mackaman. 10:45pm With 1 district 7 Champaign precinct reporting, Green party cadidate Ken Urban received 6% of the vote. Democrat Jane Anderson leads the race. In County Board district 9 race, Green Zach Miller received 17% of the vote in Cunnimgham 16. Upon hearing of Miller's 17% prominent Democrats were heard to say "that's not good." Republican Stu Moment leads in that race. Socialist Tom Mackaman received 3% with 3 precincts reporting. Jakobsson leads that race. Election Commission is taking a beating 62% no to 38% yes. Develomental Disabilities Board is ahead 55% yes to 45% no. Village of Foosland voted 39 votes to 10 to remain in existance. Rietz leads Piland 54% to 46%, Piland conceded and Rietz is giving her victory speech. 9:45pm In the County Board race, Cunningham 20, the first Urbana precinct to report, a tradtionally Rebublican district, shows 37 votes Green, 191 votes Democrat and 260 votes Republican. With 8% of the votes in the most conservative district 9 precinct the Greens are almost assured to establish their party. 9:30pm Results have been slow to come in. Only rural precincts have reported so far. We are only closely tracking ballot measures and county board races and leaving the rest to the final summaries. So far Developmental Disabilities Board is close. It is behind by 32 votes with 11 out of 117 precincts reporting. By the numbers it is yes 1061 no 1095 On the Electoral Commission vote is 746 yes to 1343 no. We have heard rumors that even with only rural precincts reporting that Rietz is ahead of Piland in the State's Attorney race. Media are also calling it for Johnson and Obama. IMC Reporters are live at Brookens Center Media Room where the Champaign County precinct returns will come in.

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