US Torture Exposed, The People Respond

In response to a report of prisoner torture and murder inside prisons across Iraq, which was leaked to the media recently, people are standing up across the globe to decry the US and UK's use of torture. The graphic images have been shown on media outlets across the country, but some are still claiming that they're being censored.

As the evidence of torture grows, many are calling for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation. In a senate hearing where Rumsfeld was questioned today, a group of concerned people stood up and chanted "Fire Rumsfeld" while holding a banner saying the same.

Independent contractors have been implicated in the toture as well, creating a growing discussion fo the private war going on in Iraq. A demonstration of around 100 people was held in front of one of the contractor's, Titan Corporation's, headquarters, as well as a press conference. More demonstrations are planned.

Amid all this, there is still very little discussion in the media about the fact that this type of behaviour is taught, expected, and awarded in the military; and that this kind of torture has been going on in Guantanamo Bay for years. As in Guantanamo, a recent Democracy Now show discussed how in Iraqi prisions "there was no process for determining who was innocent".

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