New York's Alright: One Update on the RNC Protests

(from the Open Newswire): Scene report of the RNC Protests by local NYC anarchists.

The RNC protests are going to be huge! Hundreds of thousands will flood the streets: Democrats toeing the party line, liberals of all stripes, and communists of all sects. Even �the UNIONS are coming�! The hip hop kids are coming, the college kids are coming, the Greens are coming, Al Sharpton�s coming, the NGOs, Starhwak, the libertarians and tons of assorted wing-nuts will make an appearance. And don�t forget the millions of New Yorkers who hate Bush or are simply pissed-off because they have to be inconvenienced by closed-off streets, delayed subway trains, or police barricades- they�ll be there too. And more power to them, right?

[article.homepage.prefix]: http://nyc.indymedia.org/