“The People” Get Ready to Take on Democrat and Republican Conventions


Activists around the country are getting ready to converge on Boston and New York for the Democrat and Republican Party conventions. Nothing really noteworthy happens inside these conventions—they tend to be three nights full of speeches making empty promises and days spent cozying up to donors and representatives of large corporations while real democracy takes place in the context of protests outside the conventions.

The Democratic National Convention will start next week Monday, with activists planning a variety of actions including a “democratic bazaar” highlighting a possible vision of a better world as well as a decentralized day of action on the day John Kerry receives the nomination. In addition to street protests, this weekend there will the Boston Social Forum hosting a number of workshops and discussions under the banner “another world is possible.” For independent media coverage of the DNC protests, consult boston.indymedia.org and blackteasociety.org.

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