FBI Raids, Arrests DNC Activists in 3 States

This news from Kansas Mutual Aid

Latest Update: 11:50 AM central time: At this point the FBI has tried to contact at least 20 local anarchists here in Lawrence by phone calls, visiting workplaces, visiting parents, or their own residences.

Today we received news from friends and activists in Denver, Colorado pertaining to incidents involving the Federal Bureau of Investigation and possibly local law enforcement agencies. It was communicated to us, that two houses in Denver had been raided by the FBI and that at least two people had been arrested. Their charges and situations are not at this time known to us. We do know that they were asked questions about the upcoming election events including the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, as well as questions about "ABC". The FBI has made made contact with the parents of at least one person living in Lawrence, and now word has gotten to us that the FBI has visited at least one anarchist home in Columbia, Missouri!

Please spread this information far and wide... this is a far reaching coordinated effort... being conducted by the join terrorism task forces from various states.

United Press International has stated that a recent FBI bulletin "does mention the threat of civil disobedience or violence from domestic groups during the convention, which begins Monday."

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