NYTimes, Bloggers, Document NYPD "Surges" in Convention Runup

Today, the New York Times had a lengthy article today on the 80-vehicle NYPD "surges" that have been charging down city streets in the run-up to the Republican convention. Writes Michael Slackman:

"It goes something like this: On a typical block in, say, Midtown Manhattan, as many as 80 police cars quickly stream in out of nowhere, in neat rows, their lights and sirens going. The drills seem to take place on blocks with restricted parking, and each car executes a fast back-in parking job against the curb."

Way out in front of the Times, a blogger at Cityrag has been documenting the surges for the last month. Read more about 'em and see lots of pictures over there.

[article.homepage.prefix]: http://nyc.indymedia.org/