Community Outraged over Financial and Environmental Disaster

Taxpayers and Ratepayers to Pay Price of City's Islais Creek Fiasco

7/27/04: Muni’s Third Street Rail project has had a devastating impact on communities in southeast San Francisco, and now it appears that ratepayers and taxpayers will pay the price of the environmental cleanup. Up and down Third Street, black businesses have closed because of the endless construction mess—three years and counting—and Muni has not met its minority and women hiring and contracting goals. In 2001, faulty construction of a city electrical conduit across Islais Creek resulted in a horrific spill as sinkholes opened up and millions of gallons of sewage poured into Islais Creek and Muwkema Ohlone Park. Three years later, it turns out the repairs, which further demolished the park, were as shoddy as the original construction, and the 10-foot sewage main is leaking again. Read more

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