Sistahs to Step in Pride on August 28th

Sistahs Steppin' In Pride, August 28th

Sistahs Steppin' In Pride is an East Bay Dyke March that will take place this August 28th. It is a relatively new tradition- the event was first envisioned by a group of friends in 2002. Sistahs Steppin’ In Pride’s "purpose is to nurture intergenerational and multi-cultural bridges and create a safe, sacred space to honor our Herstory. We seek to empower the diverse East Bay lesbian and bisexual community of women to reclaim their lives from fear and celebrate their spirituality. We aspire to provide opportunities to the artists, activists, community organizations and individuals of our community to come together and share our lives and resources." This event comes the week after the Nia Collective's August 21st Family Festival for families and friends lesbians and women of African descent. The March will begin at 10am on Lakeshore Avenue off of MacArthur Boulevard (on the lawn across from Chevron). Spirit Drumz's Drum Orchestra will lead the march to a Festival at Snow Park. There will also be an after party later in the evening. SSIP also will have a brunch on Sunday the 28th at a restaurant in Oakland.

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