The Ongoing Trials of Tom the Nurse

The Ongoing Trials of Tom the Nurse

Tom Juzbasic, also known as "Tom the Nurse" was arrested in UN Plaza in San Francisco, the "Sanctuary for Medical Cannabis, on June 6th, 2003. He was booked and held overnight in jail, and the police seized thousands of dollars from his bank account. He has faced numerous court dates related to his current charge of "possession of marijuana for sale," ever since. Tom is both a Licensed Vocational Nurse and a medical marijuana patient. He has refused to waive time, which means that the D.A. has to bring his case to trial within sixty days or drop the charges against him. Tom's next court date will be Friday, August 20th, beginning at 8:30 AM The hearing will be in Dept. 10 at 850 Bryant St. A lunchtime rally afterwards is likely.

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