Skin Deep Study About Personal Care Products

Skin Deep- Study Exposes Dangerous Chemicals in Personal Care Products

According to the Environmental Working Group, "Most consumers would be surprised to learn that the government does not require health studies or pre-market testing for cosmetics and other personal care products before they are sold. According to the government agency that regulates cosmetics, the FDA's Office of Cosmetics and Colors, '...a cosmetic manufacturer may use almost any raw material as a cosmetic ingredient and market the product without an approval from FDA' (FDA 1999)." The EWG conducted a six-month computer investigation into the health and safety assessments on more than 10,000 personal care product ingredients and found major gaps in the regulatory safety net for these products. The organization developed an online rating system that consumers can use. It ranks products on their potential health risks and the absence of basic safety evaluations. The core of the analysis compares ingredients in 7,500 personal care products against government, industry, and academic lists of known and suspected chemical health hazards. Areas of concern include allergies, sensitization, fragrances, sensitizers, and penetration enhancers -- chemicals that deliver patch drugs such as birth control and nicotine deeper and faster through the skin and into the blood vessels, but that are also used as inert ingredients in other products. Read more at The EWG's Website | Searchable Product Guide | The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics | Environmental Health Network of California

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