Baby Blue Buttons and Code Pink

Just as Mayor Mike Bloomberg was offering “well behaved protesters” baby-blue buttons, off-Broadway discounts, and tickets to the Museum of Sex, four activists with Code Pink were arrested hanging a banner that read. “You Say Welcome, We Say Where? Let Us Protest 8/29 in Central Park."”

According to Newsday, Bloomberg and tourism officials yesterday offered a unique package of discounts to the best-behaved demonstrators. In exchange, they must promise to obey city laws and regulations and pick up their blue pledge pin, Bloomberg said during a news conference at NYC & Co., the city's tourism bureau.

“If there's anything that says this city is open and accommodative, I suspect this program is," Bloomberg told a packed and incredulous news conference. “I don't know how many anarchists will want to wear this button ... But they still would get the discounts as long as they have the button.”

As the Mayor was speaking, protesters from the city Firefighter’s Union were stuck behind interlocking metal barricades, according to the AP.

[article.homepage.prefix]: http://nyc.indymedia.org/