DNC 2 RNC to arrive Thursday

from the DNC 2 RNC March: "Rather than representing the interests of the people, both Democrats and Republicans choose to build systems of violent exploitation. We have walked 258 miles from the Democratic National Convention and now we arrive at the Republican National Convention to say "Ya Basta!" Enough is Enough! As a symbol of reclamation of our city space, and as a gesture of solidarity with those silenced and oppressed, we will march for those who cannot be present, we will give a voice to the voiceless, a face to the faceless, and struggle to build direct democracy. In the spirit of Zapatismo we seek dignity, justice, housing, autonomy, education, health care, work and food for all.

We invite all people of varying risk levels to join us on Thursday, August 26, as the march reaches its final destination.

Permits have not been requested or granted because we do not need permission to unite as civil society. We will not take power, but exercise it to build democracy. After a brief gathering with food at Columbus circle the march will proceed down Broadway past Madison Square Garden, concluding at Union Square. The march will be escorted by a bike bloc organized by Times Up! bicyclists and accompanied by an inspiring and creative street theater piece performed by DNC2RNC marchers and allied affinity groups. In order to clearly present our message and to minimize harm to participants, we will act in the spirit of non-violence. We will attempt to de-escalate violence and, if we need to defend ourselves, we will do so non-violently."

The March will arrive in Manhattan at 5PM Thursday, August 26 to Columbus Circle.

Additionally, this warning has been presented to DNC2RNC marchers.

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