Republican National Convention Coverage 8/30/2004

Reports from the UCIMC Reporters on the streets of NYC during the RNC protests on Aug. 30, 2004 -- in reverse chronological order: 8:15PM CDT Report from Colleen. She is out of the pen. Police are letting people leave. 7:40pm CDT Report from Zach. Talked with National Lawyers Guild. They don't think people in the pen will be arrested. 7:30PM CDT Report from Colleen. She is in the pen that the policed forced some of the marchers into. There are approximately 250 people in the pen. About 75 people are lying down spelling peace with their bodies. 7:00PM CDT Report from Zach. March is being pushed in a fenced in pen. Police have split the march in two. Half the march in the pen. Others are being asked to disperse. People are being arrested. Police are using billy clubs. 6:50PM CDT Report from Colleen. March is festive. People are still joining the march. 6:45PM CDT Report from Zach. March is headed up 8th Avenue. Police presence is still there, but calm. 6:05PM CDT Report from Zach. The police have informed the National Guard of the march. Still no arrests. 5:20PM CDT Report from Zach. The police presence has thinned out and half a street has been blocked off for the march. Mood is still festive and peaceful. 5:15PM CDT Report in from Zach. The march is 1000+ people strong and there are several hundred people in front of the march videotaping. 4:00PM CDT Report in from Arun. They have joined in the March for Our Lives. Police presence is strong but peaceful. Mood is festive. 1:50PM CDT Report in from Pauline. Police are breaking up a march into one block chunks. Mood is still festive.

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