Republican National Convention Coverage - Aug. 31, 2004

Breaking reports from UCIMC reporters in New York 6:22PM CDT: Report from Time Square. 20-25 people arrested for blocking the street. 4:57PM CDT: Report from Ground Zero. Three police buses have taken marchers away. 4:40PM CDT: Report from Johnny Cash protest. Still going strong. Protesters are singing Johnny Cash songs. 4:20PM CDT: Marchers are still waiting on sidewalk to be arrested. 4:00PM CDT: It is confirmed that arrests will be made. Police have brought a bus. Marchers are still on the sidewalk. 3:23PM CDT. They are receiving reports from march organizers that everyone on the sidewalk in the orange fencing has been declared under arrest. Our reporter has not yet seen anyone being taken away. 3:13PM CDT. Police are fencing in marchers using orange plasic fencing. Protesters are chanting: "Let us Disperse" 3:07PM CDT. March has stated to move. Police are calling it illegal and saying they will arrest anyone who violates traffic signals. 2:40PM CDT. They are at ground zero with the War Resisters' League March. Three is heavy police prensence. 1:50PM CDT. Police seem to be headed to the Convergence space at St. Mark's Church. 12:10 CDT. At the immigrant's march there are about 200 protestors and 500 police officers. march is mainly a lecture, but there are bike and riot police.

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