Remember Retail Workers on Labor Day

Remember Retail Workers on Labor Day

From the Newswire - Today is Labor Day in the United States (of course the authentic workers’ holiday is May 1). What does “Labor” mean though to most Americans? Perhaps images of factory workers, construction workers, or even teachers and nurses come to mind. Indeed, workers in these occupations and others traditionally associated with organized labor will be out in force at marches, rallies, and those ubiquitous Labor Day picnics.

However, a whole new set of workers has begun to organize to rise out of poverty, gain access to health care, and make their workplaces safe. Even though most people would never associate this group of working people with organized labor, many unionists believe that as jobs are outsourced en masse, these workers may represent the final hope of reviving the labor movement in the United States. They are the working people we interact with every day of the week and many of them are employed by the most well-known brands in the world. Read more in Indybay's Labor Section

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