Massacre in Guatemala: 9 Killed, Dozens Wounded


On August 31 at 5:00am, a contingent of 800 armed government agents, backed by 1200 heavily-armed military personel, arrived at Nueva Linda Finca in the Champerrico department of Retalheu, Guatemala, with orders to evacuate over 1500 campesinos. For the past year Nueva Linda community had become the scene of a resistance movement of local union members, the "Coordinadora de Communidades Indigenas y Campesinos del sur de Occidente (CICCSO)". These men and women are demanding the return of their friend and organizer Hector Rene Reyes Perez, who had been kidnapped almost a year earlier, and have also been protecting the children from the suspected kidnapper. At least nine campesinos were killed and over two dozen wounded in the bloody raid.

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