Local Activists Organizing Protest Against Bush's Visit To Fayetteville

As previously reported, there are many rumors that George Bush will be coming to Fayetteville for the Arkansas vs. Texas football game this coming Saturday, September 11th. According to a local activist, this was confirmed on the local news of one of the corporate TV stations. On a day of remembrance and mourning for many people, the unelected President of the United States apparently has nothing better to do than watch a football game, but what should we expect from such a great of example of the capitalist ruling class? Whether or not the top pig comes, community members of Fayetteville and nearby areas are coming together to form a resistance, to let W know we do not welcome him or his policies. There are currently two coalitions of individuals and groups organizing actions throughout the day on Saturday, September 11th. Both coalitions will be meeting throughout the week. The locations and times of those meetings will be posted on the Arkansas IMC's calendar, and information about the protest will be posted to Arkansas IMC's newswire.

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