Events During September 11th Week to Give Strength and Skills to Anti-War Movement

"Power to the Peaceful" During Time of War

9/7/2004: At the end of the week in which the number of American soldiers killed during hostilities in Iraq reached and even passed 1000, the Power to the Peaceful Festival intends to provide a welcome day of rest and celebration of the anti-war movement for the thousands who plan to attend this Saturday as they head into the election season. Also on September 11, 2004, there will be a Rally against Lies, War, the Police State, & State Sponsored Terrorism, for Truth, Peace & Justice, Compassionate Impeachment sponsored by the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance. The rally will take place in San Francisco's Panhandle and then there will be a march to the Festival in Golden Gate Park. That afternoon there will also be an Election Protection Volunteer Rally and Training. Later that evening, Other Cinema kicks off the Fall 2004 season at ATA with "Bring the War Home," which will include reportbacks and screening of video shot at the RNC protests in New York City last week.

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