Looming Censorship of “Democracy Now!” by Urbana Mayor and How You Can Stop It (audio clips included)

NEW POSTING: AUDIO CLIPS INCLUDED This is the story of how Urbana Mayor Todd Satterthwaite is personally obstructing the widely-supported effort to get “Democracy Now!” broadcast on Urbana Public Television (UPTV). You don’t think that could be happening? I don’t blame you. I was pretty surprised myself. But I challenge you to read this article (which contains audio clips of the most recent UPTV Commission meeting) and not come away with certainty that the mayor is personally attempting to prevent “Democracy Now!” from being shown on UPTV. He may think he can get away with censorship of “Democracy Now!”, but he won’t if YOU act to oppose it by attending the next UPTV Commission meeting at noon on Monday, September 13th in the City Council Chambers (largest room on the ground floor) at the City of Urbana Building, 400 S. Vine St. in Urbana.

[article.homepage.prefix]: http://urbana.indymedia.org/