Medical Marijuana Growers and Dispensers Raided

Eddy's Medicinal Gardens and Capitol Compassionate Care, Raided by DEA

9/8/3004: A protest was held at the federal building in San Francisco today (Photos: 1 | 2 | 3) in response to recent DEA raids, and another was held in Sacramento, as well. Just days after Americans for Safe Access released a report about law enforcement violations of the rights of medical marijuana patients in California, the offenses began again. On August 18th, federal agents raided Eddy Lepp’s medicinal garden, ministry, and home, known as Eddy's Medicinal Gardens, in Roseville. Lepp was growing 32,524 Medicinal Cannabis plants on 25 acres of land in Upper Lake California, for the patients his ministry is helping.

Lepp's ministry is seen as part of a fight for patients’ rights to safe and affordable medicine. All of the patients the ministry helps have valid medical conditions and legal recommendations from their physicians to use Medicinal Cannabis. In the raid, government officials also took personal computers, souvenirs, and other artifacts that had nothing to do with EMG, items that EMG says have no real significance to be considered evidence. They also confiscated a total of 2,300 dollars from members of EMG, never admitting it into evidence. The home is missing all of Lepp’s files and paper work for his civil case against the DEA for a 2002 raid on the gardens.

Statement from Eddy's Medicinal Gardens supporters | Statement from the US Department of Justice about the 8/18 raid | One witness's account

On September 3rd, federal agents raided one of the Sacramento area’s only licensed medical marijuana dispensaries- Capitol Compassionate Care, in Roseville. CCC has approximately 1,000 registered patients. It was shut down in a Drug Enforcement Agency action that also included the home of the center’s owner in nearby Newcastle.

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