Central Valley: Farmworkers March for Justice

Farmworkers March for Justice

Farmworkers marched in Reedley today to draw attention to problems they are having with the California Highway Patrol. The CHP has been setting up check points on roads frequented by farm workers during the height of harvest season. They are checking to see if the driver has a drivers license. If the driver does not have a license the vehicle is impounded. Fees for retrieving the car from storage often exceeds $500 - one or two weeks salary for the typical farmworker.

The CHP told farmworker representatives today that they were directed to set up the check points by the Labor Commissioner. The purpose of the check points was to inspect farm labor vehicles that are used to transport workers. But, the vehicles used by contractors to transport farmworkers are 10 - 15 passenger vans, not the passenger cars that have been confiscated. Neither the CHP or farmworker representatives could explain the apparent contradiction. [ Full Article ]

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