Santa Cruz Vigil to Mark 1000 American Dead in Iraq

Santa Cruz residents held a gathering at the clock tower on September 9 to mark the 1000th dead American solider in Iraq. Veterans For Peace and others held signs and spoke at an open mic to call for peace and the withdrawal of US soldiers from Iraq. (announcement)

audio: Interview with Vietnam Vet for Peace I photos

comment from media watch:

"You both left when it JUST started to get huge--there were over 200 people with candles lining both sides of the street -- it was much better than the teeny little same suspects talking at the first -- it was really moving to see SO MANY people I hadn't seen before -- they also had signs printed up 1000 dead and my friend christine king (non violent communication) had a big one 10 thousand iraqi women children men dead and I held a big WHY? anyway sorry you missed the better part of it."

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