Central Valley: Vons Threatens Workers in Fresno

Vons Threatens Workers in Fresno

The Vons supermarket at Shaw and Marks in Fresno put up a new sign on their front door. With contract negotiations looming, they are on the lookout for scabs. The sign welcoming customers today offered drivers $16.85 an hour. In Fresno, where the “official” unemployment rate has been over 10% for decades, this sign is sure to get some attention.

When I asked a checker what was going on, he said that “the sign is the companies way of preparing for negotiations.” He went on to say that “they (the company) had put the sign up as a way to get the names of replacement workers,” in the event of a strike. “They want us to know that they are preparing to bring in scabs to take our jobs.” [ Read full article ]

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