Think First! says, Join COTC Instead of ROTC!

Think First! Counters South Bay Military Recruitment

9/22/2004: Last Friday, Think First! launched the Conscientious Objector Training Corp and held the South Bay Premiere Screening of Blood Makes the Grass Grow, a film that highlights conscientious objectors and opposition to the first Gulf War. The acronym COTC is no coincidence- the COTC wants to counter the presence of JROTC, the Junior Reserve Officers Training Program, which is found on many high school campuses across the country.

The COTC's goals are to:

  • raise the issue of the pending draft in our community: at PTA meetings, at back-to-school nights, at public hearings and in our congregations and neighborhoods
  • provide workshops for youth on how to start building their CO file
  • support youth in organizing on their school campuses and in their neighborhoods about the draft and war (which helps them build even stronger CO claims)
  • hold mock draft boards, where youth can practice their presentations supporting their CO claim.
Think First! distributes several informational flyers in an effort to counter the deceptive tactics that military recruiters use to try to convince youth as young as 17 and 18 to sign up. More info on Think First's Website | A pro-war summary of the Gulf War | American Gulf War Veterans Association - note the numerous links related to illnesses that the veterans contracted as a result of serving in the Gulf War | The Unseen Gulf War- report and analysis from a "digital journalist | Frontline's "The Gulf War"

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