Adventures in the Subterrain


As part of the Dunedin Fringe Festival, the Crisis Collective presents exhibition and event series Adventures in the Subterrain. A collective show exploring repression, revolt, and creativity, Adventures in the Subterrain will also feature a section of the gallery dedicated for visitors to create zines and texts of their own. The exhibition and events will all take place at none gallery, 24 Stafford St.


:: 1pm, Thursday September 30th: 'recycling cultural waste' zine making party - some materials will be supplied [typewriters, photocopier, tape, some texts and books] but bring your own texts, images and things to cut up too!

:: 1pm, Friday October 1st: Letter writing circle - drink coffee, gossip and write to political prisoners

:: 1pm, Saturday October 2nd: 'Art, Politics and the Situationists' discussion.

"Adventures in the Subterrain is mapping of dissent; of direct action, anti-capitalism, squatting, borderhacks and graffiti art. We seek to reclaim images and writings of ourselves and of our desires, rather than giving them up to capitalism, the corporate press and the increasingly shallow and commodified art world." - Crisis Collective

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