Indymedia Users Debate the Debate

(from the Open Newswire): "On the Debates of September 30, 2004: I felt like I was watching the debate between Nixon and JFK. John Kerry was slick, sharp, and knew what he was talking about. President Bush looked like a buffoon- stumbling over his words, blanking out...what a disastrous situation for the President. Kerry will beat him in November."

"Kerry is sugar free bush. Even more scary because he's smarter and has the ability to deceive while pursuing essentially the same policies." [Read More]

"John Kerry finally showed America what he's made of in his first debate with George Bush ... the President evaded most of the questions, stopped and stuttered, and stumbled over his talking point notes. " [Read More]

"While the usual suspects in the corporate media, operations like CBS or NBC, showed overwhelming viewer poll results favoring Kerry, NPR reporters like Scott Horsley were 'not sure.'" [Read More]

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