Don't Bury Highland Park

Protest the Death of Democracy and Water Rights Saturday, October 2, 3:30 pm Highland Park Municipal Building The Citizens of Highland Park have no voice in running the city--their mayor and city council have had their power taken away by a governor-appointed dictator-Ramona Pearson. Pearson has hired people from an out of state, pro-privatization consulting firm called the Mercer Group. She pays these people an enormous amount of money (approximately $300,000 for two part time employees) to run Highland Park into the ground. The dictator and her cronies in the Mercer Group are charging people the highest rates in the country for the most basic and essential ingredient of life, water. People are recieving water bills that start in the thousands of dollars per 3 month period. If they cannot pay, they are shut off from access to clean water in their homes. If they still cannot pay, the city places the amount on the tax rolls. When people cannot pay these taxes, the state takes the house under tax foreclosure laws.

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