Free Speech Activists to Return to UC Berkeley's Sproul Plaza

Free Speech Movement Anniversary Celebration

From October 5th to 10th, FSM @ 40: Free Speech in a Dangerous Time takes place at UC Berkeley. It will be a public celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement. The program of 42 events honors the past and focuses on current controversies, presenting what organizers believe will be the broadest teach-in on civil liberties issues yet in the nation. Fri Oct 8th includes one of the week's highlight events: At 12pm there will be a rally around a police car in Sproul Plaza. Speakers will include activists from the free speech movement, current campus activists, attorney Tony Serra with a dissection of the Patriot Act, and representatives of the ACLU. Additional speakers will include Molly Ivins, Howard Dean, Gavin Newsom, Serra, Jackie Goldberg, the Erowids, leading representatives of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, MOVE ON, and much more. Later Friday afternoon, as well as on Saturday, there will be teach-ins and panels about current civil liberties issues. Read more FSM @ 40 Website.

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