Nader to Speak at Siena on Thurs. Oct. 7; Critiques First Debate

Independent Presidential candidate Ralph Nader will speak at Siena College in Loudonville (Rt. 9) on Thursday Oct. 7th. Program starts at 11:15 AM. Nader will be speaking on the need to bring the troops home from Iraq. Peter Camejo, his Vice-Presidential candidate, will be in the Capital District on Friday, October 22nd. On the first prsidential debate, which he was excluded from, Nader said: "Neither President Bush or Senator Kerry have an exit strategy for the war in Iraq and both of them say we're going to win the war in Iraq—which means an endless occupation. We didn't hear anything about the Israel/Palestine conflict; we didn't hear anything about global arms control in the broader sense; we didn't hear anything about the global trade treaties—WTO and NAFTA—nor did we hear anything about the need to do something about the military budget of the Pentagon, which is so wasteful."

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