Peaceful Bush Protesters Shot and Gassed in Jacksonville

On Thursday the 14th, around 200 non-violent protesters gathered in peaceful demonstration to unWelcome George W. Bush in Jacksonville were attacked without provocation by police using pepper spray and less-than-lethal projectiles fired at close range.

Firsthand accounts: TEAR GAS & RUBBER BULLETS in Jacksonville, OR (includes original updates), Police Riot at Bush Protest in Jacksonville

Pictures: photos from Jville

Organizers, victims and witnesses will convene a press conference on Friday, October 15 at 2:00 pm at City Hall in downtown Jacksonville, 110 E. Main Street, to give testimony about the excessive use of force by police.

Eyewitnesses and anyone with photos or video documentation of police violence are encouraged to attend the press conference Friday. Please post comments or personal accounts to the IMC.

Press conference: Press Conference Called to Address Excessive Police Violence in J'ville

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