Berkeley Press Conference On Palestine

Palestinian-Israeli doctor speaks out at Berkeley press conf. as Gaza death toll rises

10/13/2004: BERKELEY – At a press conference organized today by the Middle East Children’s Alliance, Palestinian-Israeli surgeon Dr. Matani Hasan described the difficulties of providing medical services where otherwise denied. As a family doctor practicing at an outpatient clinic for Israeli Health Services, and as an active member of Physicians for Human Rights/Israel, he described his frustration in trying to cope with the deteriorating health care situation for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. “The problem is the unlimited [US] support for Israel, even though it continues to occupy territories, continues to destroy houses, continues to humiliate the Palestinian people, and continues to use the American weapons to kill Palestinian civilians. What is needed for Americans to know about this conflict is that there is an occupying force, and an occupied people … I’ve not saying people should not support Israel to build the health systems, universities and services for all people, but not to kill the Palestinians.”

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