Call for Noise Bloc at Saturday's Bush protest in GR

A Call for Those Who Want to Shake Things Up a Bit:

Join the Noise Bloc!

Meet at Calder Plaza @ 8:30 a.m.

300 Ottawa St, downtown Grand Rapids

On Saturday, October 30, President Bush will come to Grand Rapids, and if past visits are any indication, the police and secret service will do everything in their power to demoralize protestors. We will be kept far away from Bush and his supporters who will be protected behind barricades and lines of police. In the past this has generally led to large groups of protestors standing around and feeling disempowered while they yell anti-Bush slogans at officers from the GRPD.

We want to mix things up a bit and break out of the mold of stale and disempowering protest. We are calling for the formation of a ragtag marching band to give Grand Rapids an early morning wake up call to make it clear that Bush is not welcome here or anywhere else for that matter. While the elites of West Michigan gather to hear Bush promise more tax cuts and more wars, we will be loud and clear that the occupation of Iraq must end and that Bush must go.

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