Report-back from PPRC sElection night action downtown

In an election night action, PPRC marched to The Marriott where the Repugs were celebrating, then hopped MAX and headed to The Convention Center to meet up with Dems

About 50 regulars and others marched with the PPRC No War Drum Corp from across from the federal building downtown to the Marriott where the right wingers were gathering. We had a big, 40' long new banner, "END THE WARS." The day's rain had stopped in the still chilly night air.

Our regular chant leader, Tina, was back from her sabbatical giving birth to twin boys. We were high and enthusiastic to be together, after a day of odd uncertainty. We chanted, danced and drummed right up at the entrance to the Marriott. Michael was doing his cartwheels.

One violent incident took place. Den was bopping up by a door. Repugs were coming out and holding up 4 fingers (Shrub, 4 more years). About 3-4 police were also by the other doors. One of them, Delinko (sp?) stepped in and moved between Den and the Repugs coming out. In a swift swoop, that cop grabbed Den's small green justice flag, broke the stick off, and then took it inside the Marriott.

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