Special Elections News Coverage - breaking news from November 2

Breaking News Hotline: 1 877 825 9535 or 734 647 4128- Call in breaking news regarding suspected voter disfranchisement, protest responses to injustices at the polls, and other election-related activity. Michigan IMC invites callers from MI, OH, and the rest of the US and the globe to call in news from the polls and the streets.

Webcast Radio - MichiganIMC is teaming up with WCBN-FM Ann Arbor to provide webcast radio coverage on N2 and N3. The webcast will feature breaking news, pre-produced segments as well as original interviews with local activists.

Listen now!: 128k (high sound quality) or 48k (lower sound quality).

NEW! Cellphone Text Messaging - MichiganIMC will be sending text message alerts with vital information. Sign up for the alerts. [NOTE: All fields are optional. You only need to enter your Cell Phone and Phone Provider to receive alerts.]

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