Sunday Oregonian Commentary section reads like a transcript from Fox News

This Sunday's Oregonian made the Presidential election and the 72% disappointment rate among Portland area voters front page, second only to a coverage recap of the Ducks and Beavers action from Saturday. I couldn't resist exchanging six quarters for the grid-iron action that must be taking place within in the Commentary pages inside. What's more, I thought I'd give the Karl Rove's of the world my own invisible middle-finger by ordering a mucho grande latte, made more liberal by an extra shot of espresso. Bush may have stolen another election, but this is Portland, Oregon, and our little bastion of free thinking is now getting dug in for its own Christmas in Bastogne.

Unfortunately, The Oregonian continues to sink to new lows in editorial journalism. The Sunday (after the election) Commentary reads like a transcript of Fox News' "Hannity and Colmes," a semi pulp fiction in which the left is so skewed to the right, that the center of the argument essentially ends up being somewhere between moderate Republican and extreme Republican.

Associate Editor Doug Bates mocks Portland's progressive community by calling it an extension of Canada.

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